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FileScout v2.7.1.5 “Massively Improves” DropBox Integration

 FileScout Update

EmacBerry has updated their popular FileScout file manager application to v2.7.1.5 this week. This update brings a slew of improvements and other updates but mainly improves the DropBox integration they introduced in previous versions. This is because DropBox released a new version of their API on October 22nd and FileScout now supports this new DropBox APIv1 which is supposed to be “massively improved.”

Here is the full change log:

  • When multiple applications have registered itself as content handler for a file type FileScout will show a application chooser. So now you can select if you like to open a file with application ‘A’ or with application ‘B’ [if ‘A’ & ‘B’ have registered itself for the same file type (mimetype/extension/suffix)]
  • When you create a playlist the content of the playlist will be sorted (depending on your current FileScout sorting settings)
  • New key shortcut to close FileScout instantly: [SHIFT]+[X]
  • Some performance improvements when working with the TextViewer/Editor (the hourglass should appear less often – if at all)
  • EMail-Archive function: Instead of the Message-HashCode a TimeStamp will be used in order to create a Message-Subfolder (for some reason there have been reports that the message hash was not ‘unique-enough’)
  • *.M4B files will be considered as playable Audio files.
  • FileScout will check the compatibility with the installed Dropbox Plugin (and automatically open the Browser if an update of the Plugin is required)
  • Filescout Dropbox Plugin – Dropbox APIv1 Support:

    Since the 22’nd of October Dropbox have released a new Version of the API. The FileScout Dropbox Plugin will now make use of the new APIv1. Basically you should not really notice a difference. Please see the list below for the changes:

    • When you want to upload a file to your Dropbox the Plugin now will list all content of your account (not only the directories/folder structure) – so now you can see if a certain file is already is present in your Dropbox
    • Create a temp Share Link for any file in your Dropbox. No matter if you download or upload a file – for any item displayed in your Dropbox you can create a time restricted (temp) link that you can send to anybody (even without a Dropbox account) in order to share the item. Simply highlight the file and select ‘Share’ from the BlackBerry Menu – after a short wile you get a dialog showing the link information (containing the information for how long the link is valid)). The link (URL) will be automatically copied into your device clipboard so you can paste it where ever you like (eMail, twitter, facebook, etc…). Please note that you can create also Share links for a Dropbox folder – in this case Dropbox will made the complete content (including all Subfolders) available in a ZIP-Archive – so use this function wise!
    • For OS6.x and OS7.x the authentication works now completely via the official Dropbox Website (accessed via the BlackBerry Browser) – So there is no need to enter your Dropbox account information into the FileScout App anylonger
  • OS7.x main application icon size adjusted – @Rezn I hope that’s fine now

If you want to pick up FileScout or update your existing copy you can do it via AppWorld or update your existing FileScout installation OTA

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  1. a much needed update! Drop Box integration works much better now.

  2. Hey Ronen – you can be so cruel 🙂 putting my massively improves into quotes…

    Actually with Dropbox APIv0 it could had happen when you transfer multiple files (from or too your Dropbox) that one or two of the transfers fail…

    With the new APIv1 this did not has happen yet… So even if FileScout v2.7.1.5 looks very similar to the previous version this change should make really a noticeable difference for the Dropbox user.

    All I can hope is that the Dropbox API-Servers will remain as stable as more developers are going to move to the new APIv1

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