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Analyst Says QNX Phones Only Coming in Q2


You have to love analysts! The latest spotted by AllThingsD is Jeff Kvall of Barclays Capital. He just downgraded RIM’s stock from $40 to $23 because RIM’s products including QNX phones are seeing continued delays. They have him quoted:

“We believe QNX smartphones are delayed beyond management’s last public statements of a 1Q12 release,” says Kvaal. “RIM’s preference to hold the launch until fully ready is the correct decision in our view, though it does imply that management is anticipating delays in the launch. The company has recently shied away from any reaffirmation of the timeline and have had several public forums to do so. … Putting this aside, our math on carrier certification timelines which require at least six months in the US suggests a late 1Q12 launch at best. … However, we believe technical challenges are high as we have seen with the delay of Playbook 2.0, and we therefore consider a mid-year launch more likely and our checks across the distribution channel support this view.”

I have heard a similar rumor that since RIM turned the Colt into a dev only device they are working on a Q2 2012 launch for QNX BBX phones with all of the features carriers want. The thing is even Kvaal admits that its the right decision for RIM to wait until the device is fully ready. RIM was even giving the same Q2 2012 on the side at DevCon though I don’t remember it being said officially.

The PlayBook is set to get its OS update before BBX but I know I am waiting for the BBX phones! Hopefully RIM manages to spin on a dime and bring it back into Q1 2012. I want a BBX phone in my hands before BlackBerry World!

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  1. Really? RIM has missed every target for that last 2 year! Have you tried 2.0 for the playbook? There some weird [email protected]#$ stuff going on with 2.0, and I really don’t see how the they are going to get anything done, now with Xmas almost hear!

  2. Not really a delay. The expectation for BBX phones has always been summer 2012

  3. Sadly, with RIMM’s track record, I am not surprised by the analst prediction.

  4. I can’t believe the continued inordinate attention that RIM receives.

    Has anyone done a survey to identify how many times each of the individual phone makers, and tablet makers, gets mentioned in the press?

    And mentioned by whom?

    If the survey were carried out properly, and by an independent agent, then I would have some interest and respect for articles like this and the many others out there.

  5. Lol like anyone knows rims plans now…. Rim doesn’t even know

  6. Sad to hear this, although expected.

  7. I rather a perfect running QNX phone instead of an incomplete one and would wait for it. I love my 9900 and actually I’m not in a hurry to get another phone for a year or two anyhow…

    I never thought first quarter 2012 not with the OS7s being released so late this year. I figure the earliest would be 2nd quarter 2012, perhaps around BBWorld (either before or most likely after), which would put it around May?

  8. My BlackBerry is already queued for replacement by an Android phone. I’m tired of RIM delaying everything, not updating devices released a year ago nor fixing annoyances. I’m also tired of them having a hardware a year delayed in comparison to the rest of the market (and it shows in the clock appearing quite frequently).

    I’m tired of each new version of software launched by RIM to be slower and less functional than before (i.e. AppWorld).

    I’m tired of restarting the phone because of a game update that wasn’t even running nor ever loaded since last restart.

    I’m tired of having features working randomly because they are playing with their platform.

    I don’t expect them to achieve any improvement in the short run and I doubt they will take the market back with QNX. I already don’t trust them so better go to another platform.

    • You will be back

      • The only thing that detracted me so long for the change was BBM because it was useful, fast and trusty. Since some months ago the fast and trusty were lost. It’s still useful but that only thing won’t keep me in BlackBerry platform anymore.

        Remember ICQ dominance?
        We won’t talk about BBM in some years from now either.

        • From your own logic you should be sticking with Blackberry.

          The consumer product industry is full to the brim of examples of companies that were once “cool” or “dominant” that have fallen from grace.

          I for one do not thing that Apple is immune to this phenomenon. Deep down, I actually think that mass consumer base is looking for NEXT BIG THING.

          The iPhone and Apple in general is slowly losing the “coolness” and “newness”. The problem is is that there have been no viable contenders to take them down.

          Andriod? Not in its current fragmented OS form with multiple manufacturers.

          Windoes Phone is in a better position but they are starting from the ground floor

          Blackberry and QNX have the best shot IMO. I truly believe with a solid QNX Phone, they can take back much of the market.

          • The problem in there is “solid QNX Phone”. I don’t believe RIM is capable of achieving that. My first Curve was wonderful when I switched to the Torch I started having many issues that weren’t fixed and I’m tired of glitches.

            Not that Android won’t have them but at least there are more updates and you have more options to fiddle around. And in general you have nicer features.

            • I don’t know… at this point its all speculation. While the Playbook is having its issues with some features, at the very least it will be a fantastic developers tool for the first QNX phones.

              Because of the Playbook there will be a tremendous App base with the phone launches. Alec Saunders has already confirmed that a Playbook app will be very easily transferred to the BBX Phone. That is a major major plus and is something most, if not all, new platforms do not have the luxury of having.

              Yes, trusting RIM to deliver a “solid QNX Phone” is a tough pill to swallow. RIM does not deserve any of our trust right now; however, there are positive signs.

              While from a consumer perspective the Playbook has been a failure, from a development side, it will make the whole project a success. The BBX phones will have the opportunity to hit the ground running.

              Again… an opportunity, its up to RIM to seize that opportunity.. which again… is something we cannot TRUST RIM to do at this point…

              I think you should wait until at least January 10, 2011. Why? That is CES 2012. Then make your decision.

  9. Clearly, what some analyst are missing is that there still a gap in the marketplace for the great consumer/business phone/tablet. For all the hoopla over the Iphone/Ipad, it is primarily a consumer device that tries to masquerade as a business device (I think Siri is mainly a gimmick – it is Vlingo with voice feedback) Even the upcoming tablet contenders – Kindle Fire, Nokia are primarily media devices. I’m waiting for PlayBook to live up to its potential as “the first professional grade tablet,” with a lot of media thrown in. If they can succeed in this goal for their BBX tabets/phones and market it well, they will be back in the game.

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