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LocalBar App Installs BAR Files Directly from your BlackBerry PlayBook


We are getting one step closer to being able to easily install PlayBook applications OTA just like current BlackBerry smartphone apps. Until now RIM has forced us to load apps only through App World or by using a convoluted sideloading method which requires a PC and quite a few steps. Now Yohan aka TinyHack has managed to bypass quite a few of those steps. He has released a small program called LocalBar that lets you sideload any BAR file for an application onto your PlayBook directly from your PlayBook. The only downside is that you need to first sideload the LocalBar application but after that you can use LocalBar to simply install any app from the device storage. That means you can download or transfer BAR files over Wi-Fi and then install them using LocalBar. In other words you get a sort of OTA download in two steps.

Yohan was kind enough to provide some great instructions on how to use LocalBar along with a download link for LocalBar. Check it out at this link or below:

First Install

You need to sideload LocalBar using your PC/Mac. There are many guides on the Internet like this one or this one.

Next time when the upgrade of this app is available, you can install the upgrade directly from PlayBook using this app.


You MUST enable development mode before installing the apps (you should have done this step when you sideload LocalBar.


You will need to grant some privileges to this app after first install.


Here is the main screen after you grant the privileges.


Swipe down from the top bezel to show the menu.


Choose “Install”. It will show the list of bar files that you have. It will automatically scan all your documents folder (including downloads folder from the browser).


Select a bar file, a confirmation dialog will appear.


Click OK to confirm. A password dialog will appear. Just ignore the user field. This is the PlayBook standard login dialog, and I haven’t explored yet how to disable the username field. And you need to press the OK button (the “Return” key doesn’t work yet).


After you fill in the password, it will start the installation. If everything is fine, then this dialog should appear.


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  1. This hints OTA downloads existance on BBX 🙂

    • Uhm, not really.. would be nice but this doesn’t use any kind of OTA approach.

      It just allows your own Playbook to do the same stuff your PC usually does when you sideload stuff. Very smart, very cool, and very handy! But it has nothing to do with real OTA being available in BBX one day.

  2. Works like a charm. Just wished I could get the android player bar to work.

    • Are you running the OS2 beta, or v1.0.7.x? If you’re using OS2 beta, you don’t need to install the Android Player. It comes preloaded in the OS2 beta..

      Just an FYI..

      • 1.0.7

        • Unfortunately there is no way to get Android Player working on v1.0.7.x

          The leaked release of the Android Player from back in July (I think) would work on v1.0.6.x, but it was disabled by RIM when they released v1.0.7.x.

          The only way to run Android Apps today on a Playbook is to load up the dev beta of OS2. It has the Android App Player built in and works quite nicely. The beta OS does have a few stability issues, however, and some native games don’t run on it, so upgrade at your own risk.

          I’ve been using it since it was released at DevCon, however, and have been very happy with it overall..

    • so do i android player just freezes whenever i install it to my playbook

    • so do i android player just freezes whenever i install it to my playbook

  3. You should not be “installing Android Player” anymore.. And localbar no longer works. RIM has disabled connections from Localhost for installing bar files, unfortunately.

    The only way to get your Android Player working now, sam, is to do a Security Wipe on your Playbook and then either load up the latest OSv2 dev beta or wait for OSv2 official to be released next month.

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