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Check Out The New BerryReview Website Redesign!

BR design2

This one has been a long time coming and I am happy to announce that the time is finally here. We have just launched a new redesign of the BerryReview desktop site. It takes into account quite a bit of feedback we have received over the past few months and we really hope you enjoy it. The whole team has put quite a bit of effort into it and this is still a work in progress. Expect much more in the future!

With that said we need your help to squash out the bugs and any suggestions and tips about the new design. We will be running a contest later on around the new look but for now just send us a tip of leave a comment telling us what you think!

Thanks to everybody who helped with the redesign and their suggestions! You know who you are!

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  1. Ronen, Congrats!..the site looks amazing and the scrolling is very smooth compared to the previous version, I feel it will be more appealing if you can change the look of Berry Review logo with colorful (background) and a thicker banner.

  2. also the row’s can be made broader to handle a bigger image with the preview to make it more appealing, in the current design I think the front page handles 10-12 articles, it would be great if you can make the rows broader with 8-10 articles/page. Also the UI is inconsistent on the right frame (forums snapshot etc)

  3. Thanks Sf49er!
    We are working on a redesigned logo but that is way beyond my skill set so we have a designer working on it. Let me know if you have any ideas.
    What do you mean by the rows? On the front page you want them wider? I was thinking of it but it would cut into the sidebars need for at least 300px width. Also need a bit more about what you mean about the UI.
    Feel free to shoot us an email on the tip line!

  4. Gorgeous looking site, Ronen! Nicely done!

  5. I think it looks great. I need to check it out on my 24″ screen at work to see everything though, I think. My 15.4″ laptop is packed up and this 13″ screen is a bit small.

  6. It looks much better !

  7. its really nice congrats boys

  8. ahh, change!!! just kidding it looks good.

  9. Looks great. Nice and clean. very “readable”.

  10. Way to go nice job guys!!!

  11. The new layout looks good – now can we please nuke the horrible, unusable, PlayBook version of the site so that I can see on the PlayBook what I can see on my PC?

  12. I agree with Corrine. On small screens it is scrunched, but looks good on larger monitors. Do wish the pages would go all the way out to the ends of the screens, but I have no ‘real’ complaints.

    Personally, I like the current BR logo and color scheme.

  13. nice




  14. Looks excellent- well done!

  15. This is definitely a huge redesign that is a leap in the right direction. I like the new forums conversation bar on the right, but what if that could change to most recent comments on the article you are reading, instead of having to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see if comments are interesting? This way while someone is reading the article, they are also seeing what people are saying about the article at the same time.

  16. Very nice indeed. Will have a serious look around tonight. Great job tho

  17. Nice looking site, but…

    I really don’t like things that cover my screen like the “More on BerryReview” and “Featured Articles” pop-ups. I can tolerate them once, but when I choose to close them they should be closed permanently. Right now, I close the featured article pop-up, yet as soon as I go to a new page it comes back again. Very annoying. And even in its closed state, it’s still quite large. I tried to click a link earlier that was partially under the pop-up and when I did so, the closed pop-up would reveal itself completely covering the link I wanted… again, annoying.

    If featured articles are important, make them a part of your header like engadget etc where if a visitor isn’t interested they can just scroll on past and forget about them. There’s no need to hammer the visitor with constant pop-ups that they have to dismiss repeatedly.

    I guess while I’m commenting on a post about your website’s design, I might as well make a comment about the mobile version. Can you please put a link on it to your full site???…one that remembers the visitors selection. Your current mobile site does not allow pinch-to-zoom when using the playbook and the tiny text means that I avoid visiting your site while on the playbook at all costs.

    Thank ya kindly!

    • Hey Peter,
      Thanks for the feedback. I will take it back to the drawing board. You have some good points but need to balance usability with features so tweaks are definitely coming! We didn’t put the featured articles on top so you can get to the main content faster.

      About the PlayBook version we upped the font to 16px a week ago or so. That has solved the problem for most. There is no easy way to currently switch between the two versions because it would corrupt our caching mechanism. I am trying to work on it but its been over my head so far. Pinch to zoom does not work because of a limitation in WebKit where it cannot have pinch to zoom in a field that has fixed elements. I was considering adding a little button on the bottom that makes the font size bigger than 16px but that is pretty huge.

      When it comes to closing the boxes and keeping them closed that is also in the works. We are already storing one of those actions in a cookie and I have just been running into a few issues getting it to work for the “more” and “featured” close buttons.

  18. Hi, good work with your new Design Layout. Its looks fresh and clean. regards from germany

  19. Like.

  20. Some parts look nice, some other don’t but the overall experience is bad IMO. In any case as I read less about BlackBerry nowadays the time to switch to another site can’t be better.

  21. Finally got to a desktop to check it out. Looks really nice. Sorta pops right out at you. Fills the screen nicely, I think

  22. Congrats on the redesign!

  23. Well done, it seems to be much faster 🙂

    I find the right column to be a bit messy and I’d like to be able to +1 comments.

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