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SonicAir v2.2 Streams Media from Your PC to your PlayBook Using Subsonic


SonicAir (aka Air Sonic) is an Adobe FLEX implementation of a Subsonic streaming client for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Mir & Windsor Design created this client that streams tons of different variants of Music and Video from your PC to your PlayBook. It uses the powerful Subsonic streaming server on your desktop and you need API access which you get if you donate to the Subsonic project. @Bla1ze pointed out SonicAir to me and I have to say I have been impressed since I started using it. If you are a media buff this is definitely worth it since Subsonic can stream practically everything you throw at it including high def files like 720p MKV videos.

Features include:

  • Listen to music
  • Watch Videos
  • Control Bitrate
  • Cache Lists for offline use
  • Create Playlists
  • Play playlists
  • Use quick list feature to create on the go playlists

Check out their great guide on how to setup SonicAir and Subsonic here. You will then need to download Subsonic and donate to the project to get API access and only then should you purchase SonicAir for $2.99 in App World.

The latest v2.2 was just released this week and here is the current changelog:

Features, enhancements and bugfixes 2.2 (30/10/2011)
1. Improved application performance substantially.
2. Minor bug fixes.
3. Random/Shuffle works when pressing next.
4. Added default audio bitrate option.

Bug fixes 2.1.13 (17/10/2011)
1. Buffer handling improved.
2. Full screen bug after multiple videos fixed.

New features in 2.1.8 (14/10/2011):
1. Shuffle music
2. Repeat single song/entire list
3. Remove items from now playing

New features in 2.0.2 (06/10/2011):
1. Keeps playing audio in background
2. Quick video playlist
3. New UI!
4. Search feature
5. Scroll to by letter (Alphabet Jump)
6. Categories
7. Favorites
And smaller ones you may not notice!

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  1. They need to get more apps like this for the PlayBook.

  2. Subsonic gives you a 30 days trial so you don’t need to pay for an API key right away

  3. So is this better than Orb?


    Personally, the UI of SonicAir is BEEEE-UTE-AYE-FUL! But Orb is free…

    It’s like I’m choosing between love and food!

  4. This is the PlayBook solution to AirVideo for ipad. You can stream with real time conversion all your video/music library to your PlayBook and if that’s not enough, you can plug in the PlayBook to your large display via HDMI.

    To get the full thing working you need to donate at least €10 to subsonic to get a license, and the SonicAir app is $2.99. Not bad considering AirVideo or Plex are at least $9.99 (ipad).

    • airvideo is only $2.99 for BOTH iphone and ipad. plex is only $4.99. both are infinitely better than sluggish adobe flex apps on the playbook.

      at least this beats orb, the ONLY other option for streaming on the dying playbook.

      • Oh, thanks for the update, fanboy. If you don’t remember, we are all dying too, day by day, ask Steve about it.

        Sluggish yeah, when navigating. During playback, pretty much the same. (I have ipad 1, 2, iphone 4s, just for the appzgamezlulz).

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