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Tether Officially Lowers Price to $29.99

Tether BlackBerry

I have always been a bit apprehensive of Tether for BlackBerry but it does have its uses. They let us know this morning that their “team felt it was time to re-evaluate” their pricing and lower it to $29.99 “after extensive price testing.” At first you may think that $29.99 is not that great of a deal until you consider that for three years they were charging an obscene $49.99. There were multiple times where you could pick up tether in the store for 50% off which would be lower than this price but who knows if they will continue doing that.

Either way you can now find Tether in App World and the store for their new official $29.99 price

PS: Anybody else wonder how apps like Tether get into App World when carriers hate them while RIM rejects other apps on a whim?

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  1. Hey! Now when they have a half price special it will be a entirely reasonable $15!

    • I use it to Tether 3-4 hours a night. Never came close to 5gb of data and never (knock on wood) gotten in trouble. Have gotten in trouble going through DM.

      DavidB – Someone made the same comment to Tether, and they said that it would no longer be available as a 50% off product in the deals.

  2. Show the Tether crew a little love… it’s a pricey app (esp. at the previous $49.99 price), but that’s only about two months worth of carrier tethering charges. I’ve used Tether for a while, and it’s the perfect answer for those of us who rarely need to tether, but who need that capability very badly on those rare occasions when we need it at all. Compared to paying $30 per month for tethering that I use for maybe a half-hour every two or three months, a one time charge for Tether seemed like a good idea to me (and still does). OTOH, to be fair, it may not be a good fit for people who plan to tether regularly, since using it too much may risk attracting the notice of your carrier.

  3. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

    Got to get it now.

  4. What is tether for

  5. What does it do for you?

  6. Ahhhhhhh, woke up, Internet tethering. Ok I’m awake now.

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