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Reuters Suddenly Realizes RIM SVP, Jim Tobin, Left RIM 2+ Months Ago…

Jim Tobin

You have to love wall streets obsession with RIM remodeling their management structure. First these analysts and investors were clamoring for a shakeup in management and cleaning up house. Now when they see RIM doing just that they complain that RIM is firing people. The latest one Reuters all of a sudden caught on to months later is Jim Tobin who used to be SVP of the Software, Services & Enterprise Markets business unit at RIM.

Last I checked he was let go a little over 2 months ago together with Jeff McDowell, who was SVP of platform marketing and alliances. They also let go Vincent Washington who was heading up RIM Sports, Tyler Lessard, Mike Kirkup, , etc along with thousands of others throughout RIM. Some of these employees that were forced out, laid off, quit dramatically, or found better opportunities were extremely talented people but RIM is in the middle of a drastic platform shift and many acquisitions which leads to redundancies… RIM bought a new enterprise platform Ubitexx which is set to replace and prop up BES. They acquired QNX which is RIM’s new development platform… These are key pieces that are currently sitting side by side with departments run by the old guard of RIM execs.

The thing I don’t get is why Wall Street doesn’t see the management change up as exactly what they asked for? I cannot read the minds of RIM’s upper management but this is something that they started way back in 2009 when they started considering QNX and a whole new platform. The similarities to what they did back when they expanded from enterprise to consumer and their acquisitions back then look awfully like what they are doing now.

What do you think? Many of these people will be sorely missed but this seems to be exactly what RIM needs now. You can catch up with Jim Tobin on Twitter or his blog that he started up again two months ago…

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  1. Wall St is just nit picking RIM. The want to see a American Company win and not a canadian company!

  2. he looks creepy…..

  3. My response? Who in the world is Jim Tobin? Honestly, I think I follow RIM close enough, that if I haven’t heard of these people that it doesn’t matter (despite their title).

    And they better let go of whoever was running ‘RIM Sports’ because I have no idea what that even is.

  4. Article keeps saying ‘let go’ which implies they were fired rather than quit. I don’t believe that was the case (at least for most of them).

    • It all depends on what you want to call it. Say for example “Barry” is head of a department and they tell him that his department is being phased out through the next year and the new acquisition execs will be taking the future platform initiatives while you babysit the legacy platform. You quit in response. What do you call that? Forced out? Let go?

      Or say “Donald” is the man who manages RIM’s enterprise BES platform and RIM acquires Ubitexx which is geared to more or less take over BES and go multiplatform…

      Or say “Tom” is the head exec managing your platform and RIM decides that the platform “Tom” manages is going to be replaced by BBX which has nothing vested in Tom’s platform…

      As I said “Some of these employees that were forced out, laid off, quit dramatically, or found better opportunities”

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