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Blurry Pic of BlackBerry Bold 9790 Shows off New Buttons – Late November Release?


The latest out of the rumor mill is news on the BlackBerry Bold 9790. The BoyGenius scored a picture of the device along with an interesting choice of buttons when compared to the current 9700 series since the buttons look like the new Torch 9850/9860. The device is said to have a 2.45 inch 640×480 screen like the 9900. It will also include a full QWERTY keyboard. The same rumor also confirms that RIM will be following up with OS 7.1 (their last OS before BBX) later this year even though this device will probably ship with OS 7.0.

So what do you think of the blur-tastic picture? Any reason you would chose this over a 9900? I have been using the Curve 9350 for the last two days after using the Bold 9930 and I am sort of digging the smaller form factor.

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  1. Ugh…

    I hope BGR is wrong as with all their BlackBerry exclusives as of lately.

  2. Many of them are just to get a rise out of RIM. Its actually relatively smart… If RIM responds it gives them legitimacy and if they don’t then they grab the clicks 🙂

  3. Picture looks a little photoshopped. Why would RIMM include raised buttons again, except maybe to distinguish it from the 9900/9930.

  4. All BGR really has going for it these days are these types of rumors. It’s no coincidence that they are constantly coming out with these on a regular basis, based on “some unconfirmed inside source”. Then when it doesn’t stick, they move on to the next one.

  5. The 9790 is basically driving my search for a new carrier and new phone all by itself. I like the 9790 over the 9900. If the 9790 isn’t out for the holiday season, I’ll likely go with the 9900. I doubt the AT&T will have the 9790 out in any reasonable time frame since they can’t even get the 9900 out with the rest of the carriers…I do have a family plan with AT&T though so if I stick with the 9900, I’ll likely just wait for the 9900. I know, lame. I just want the 9790…preferably on T-Mobile or Sprint. And for the T-Mobile and AT&T merger to fail.

  6. I don’t understand why RIM thinks the physical buttons look better than the capacitative buttons. IMHO, they look horrible. First they put them on the Torch 9850 now the Bold 9790. The physical buttons look so cheap, like them came off a Fisher Price toy or something like that.

  7. Late November…probably add 6 weeks to that. I would be shocked if the 9790 is on the shelves for the holiday season. Add 6 months for AT&T.

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