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What are “BlackBerry Cloud Services” in BBX???


Alec Saunders waltzed up on stage at the DevCon keynote and started to explain the BBX platform strategy RIM is running. He presented the slide you see above as the basis for BBX. He points out that there is the BlackBerry X OS on the basis and then there is these “BlackBerry Cloud Services” that everybody just stayed really quiet about and didn’t explain further. I am not sure what he meant by these BlackBerry Cloud services but it could have something to do with RIM’s recent acquisition of NewBay which is a cloud based white label service provider. On the other hand that could be BBM, BlackBerry ID, App World, and such though that doesn’t seem right. It could be something like the new BBM Music and the upcoming Video store that is also coming but not much has been said on that since it is not inherently a development tool.

What do you think it is?

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  1. Actually, if I remember correctly, I got the impression he mentioned that these were the BB services we’re already very familiar with. Things like email, calendar, App World payments, in-app advertising, etc.. Services that RIM provides to support the whole ecosystem.

    That doesn’t mean they won’t be introducing some new ones, but I definitely got the impression he was talking about all the existing services as well here.

  2. RIM has a need to increase their footprint in the cloud. Many existing services need RIM’s support in the cloud such as calendar and contact syncing, music, videos, photos, documents, etc. Many BlackBerry users use Google’s cloud services. DocsToGo could use a cloud presence, and the acquisition of NewBay might be just the answer RIM needs. Perhaps there is a a corporate direction and initiative but no details yet.

  3. I’m fairly certain he was referring to the traditional BB services already offered, those servers we rely on for our BB services are essentially the cloud… Push notifications, for example, and allowing devs to use those tools to make better and more integrated apps.

    • See I was thinking that for a bit but when I pressed a few of the execs about it they started humming and hawing about it. Especially since the BBX phones are going to support things like ActiveSync.

  4. I believe this refers to the new cloud company that RIMM acquired.

  5. I agree with Joe257. What I hope for is indeed more exchangeability across platforms in the secure way we’re accustomed to from RIM. Plus some solid features in -for example- augmented reality. Especially needed inside the business environment. RIM still has a fair share in that segment. So they can approach the consumeration wish from the inside out.
    Look at the car industry, there are some interesting things going on. They presented some complex solutions in a simple almost ‘invisible’ trusted way (navigation, environment awereness etc through the dashboard) but the car still looks like a car!

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