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RIM Kills off PlayBook Java Player With No Traditional BlackBerry Java on BBX


We heard from quite a few sources at DevCon that RIM finally put the official stake in the BlackBerry Java Player they were talking up at BlackBerry World. I have heard mixed reports on why that didn’t work out though understanding the differences between more modern Java frameworks and BlackBerry Java it starts to make some sense. On the other hand it does leave BlackBerry Java developers in an interesting situation. They can either go back to their C++ roots like me 🙂 or try their hand at Android development as a way to port their apps.

It seems like RIM is not sure themselves on how that will work though they do have a session at DevCon to show BlackBerry Java developers how to port their skills to Android Player development for the PlayBook. The API’s are not all there though RIM has confirmed that they will be bringing API’s like the BBM SDK to the native SDK but not yet confirmed for the Android Java runtime. The Android Java runtime also does not currently have access to interface with the Native SDK on the PlayBook to create immersive Android Java apps.

On one hand BlackBerry Java apps will be around for quite a few more years since BlackBerry 7 devices will have at least a 2 year life span. Still RIM’s vision for BBX clearly was not focused on Java. RIM has confirmed multiple times that they have dedicated themselves to supporting the BlackBerry Java platform but obviously RIM believes they have taken it as far as they can. You can see the things they are doing with the native SDK on BBX that they could only dream of doing on BlackBerry Java. On the other hand the Android Java alternative is quite a bit different than Java development when it comes to multitasking and other runtime differences for always on apps that RIM devs are used to.

If you are a BlackBerry Java dev I am really curious to hear what you think! You have to admit it is weird that there have been practically no BlackBerry Java development announcements at DevCon 2011 compared to it dominating DevCon 2010 with API’s and such.

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  1. what do you mean by kills of?

  2. “Hey thanks for investing years of your professional time in building apps for our platform. We here at RIM sure hope you didn’t plan to re-use any of that code base or even any of your painstakingly-acquired platform knowledge here on the new platform though. So sorry.”

    Can’t say that I’m surprised (they’ve been silent on the BB java front for a very long time now, which is never a good sign – combined with very heavy emphasis on webworks) but that doesn’t make it any less bitter to swallow. And I only have one major app – I can’t imagine how it’s going to be taken by those who have invested more significantly in the platform.

    I also expect this is going to create a problem getting devs to make OS7-friendly apps (unless using WebWorks) – after all, why would you do so when you know after a couple years, only legacy devices will carry this OS?

    • True but they had to do something. They have been shackled by legacy and old standards for ages. They did the change way back when to Java and then RimLets and now we have C++. I just find it funny because for me its going back to their old roots in C.

      • Agreed, and I understand they had to do something.

        I was hoping the path forward would be a migration to java standard edition on the platform; because J2SE is superset of J2ME, from the developer perspective migration would be pretty simple (assuming RIM implemented the same RIM-specific APIs on the new platform).

        Like I said, it was no surprise for many different reasons – but it is still frustrating.

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