RIM Shows Off Android PlayBook APK Repackaging (Aka Porting)


We know that any Android developer can now start porting or better yet repackaging their Android APK files into apps that are easy to submit to App World. RIM showed off a simple app like Pulse but the took things a few steps further. They showed off an OpenGL game like Pool Break Pro that worked like a charm on the PlayBook. They also showed off IMDB working just by repackaging the APK file without any recompiling.

They showed off how it plugs in right with the Android tools with a RIM Eclipse plugin that just adds the ability to repackage into a Bar file and signing. Definitely something all Android devs should take a look at. Especially since it ties into all of the existing tools that Android devs already use.

Check out the microsite for the PlayBook Android Runtime if you are interested in more!

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