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Giveaway: 10 Copies of Newly Updated Fixmo Tools v2.5

Captura al 11-10-2011 10-53-22Fixmo tools is a cool app packed with many features not found native on the BlackBerry devices. One of the cool features is e-mail compliance that helps you keep good e-mail etiquette.  The recent update of Fixmo is free to current users which includes the following new features:

Fixmo Tools 2.5 Update includes:

  • Support for BlackBerry OS 7 devices
  • Conserve Wi-Fi – A completely new application that conserves battery life by turning Wi-Fi on and off based on your location (cell towers)
  • Deleting Apps – Since our last release, we actually got quite a bit of feedback that there was an overwhelming amount of apps in Fixmo Tools.  So in Fixmo Tools 2.5, the user can optionally delete Fixmo Tools sub-apps that they use less frequently
  • Performance optimizations


Other features:

  • Wifi File Transfer – Transfer files to and from a PC or Mac directly to your BlackBerry using only Wifi and your computer’s browser
  • Wifi Media Backup – Seamlessly back-up the photos, videos and voice-notes on your BlackBerry to your Windows-based PC
  • Remote Print – Print emails, photos, contacts, memos, office documents and more directly from your BlackBerry to your printer over WiFi (Windows PC Required)
  • Remind Me Later – Schedule a reminder in your calendar for a meeting, email, SMS and more
  • Screenshot – Capture a simple screenshot from any application from within the application menu. The captured screenshot is stored within the device’s pictures folder
  • Memo – Create a list to-do items that are posted directly on top of the background of your BlackBerry display
  • UI improvements across all applications
  • Undelete is your phone’s recycling bin. You can retrieve deleted email, PIN messages, calendar events, tasks, and memos
  • Mail Compliance Manager helps you save face. It warns if you’re about to reply all to a message on which you were BCC’d, use potentially inappropriate language/punctuation/capitalization and add unintended recipients
  • Forward/Reply with Edit lets you edit the original message when you reply or forward it and is integrated seamlessly into the existing email menu
  • MeetMe enables you to easily arrange a meeting by automatically selecting available times on your calendar and inserting them into an email
  • Battery Watch monitors power usage and warns you when your battery reaches low levels
  • Silencer watches your calendar and completely silences during scheduled events
  • Memory Monitor tracks detailed memory stats and gives you an insight into your phone’s performance across both RAM and Device Memory
  • Multi Clipboard allows for the ability to store and retrieve multiple items in the clipboard
  • SMS Recovery helps you recover your SMS messages by keeping a backup copy of all SMS messages sent or received
  • Call Indicator allows you to set a different LED color for calls so you can differentiate them from other messages. Handy for when your profile is set to silent mode
  • Speedtest measures the download and upload speeds of your 3G, EDGE and WiFi network

You purchase Fixmo Tools from BlackBerry app world on discount for or BerryReview Store for $14.99

GIVEAWAY: Fixmo has shared with us 10 copies to give to you, and to have a chance at winning a copy simply leave a comment below. Comments must be left before Friday October 14th.

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  1. Would love to win a copy of this, good luck everyone!

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    Cheers from Mexico

  6. Sounds like a cool app. I’d love to win a copy!

  7. Sweet, I hear good things about this app

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  15. Great news!! would love to win a copy for me!! thanks alot BR for your sweet contests :)
    good luck all!

  16. Thank you!

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  19. I’d love to have Fixmo Tools, heard great things about it.

  20. I would love this app. Outage or not, BB is still the dominating platform. 😀

  21. this is awesome. I have an idea for a new module, apply the same implementation of the conserve wifi feature to profile switching.

  22. I’d like to try it out, thank you guys! :)

  23. love to get a copy


  24. Thanks for the contest.

  25. I sure could have used the SMS backup when dealing with my contractor this past summer!

  26. Everyone – be sure you are registered!

  27. I would for a copy this app! this app is amazing

  28. Pick me please!

  29. Wow conserve wi-fi sounds cool Hope I win it!

  30. Never won anything! :-(

  31. I used Fixmo 2.0 with my 9700. The Forward Reply Edit is a must have feature if you are managing multiple email accounts.
    Would like 2.5 for my 9900.

  32. I’d love a copy — thanks BR!

  33. Sweet…… count me in.

  34. Been wanting this app! This wd be awesome to win

  35. It’s really the most powerful multi function application. I’ve used this app long time ago and still do feel it’s useful. I want a copy of this app


  36. it has been a super long time since we had a giveaway…

    This app will rock well on my new torch

    thanks Fixmo and BerryReview for the opporunity

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  47. So awesome fixmotools!
    So awesome giveaway!

  48. Great collection of features

  49. At first glance, this looked like the ultimate toolbox for any BB user. However, on closer inspection, this is more of a treasure chest of all of the utilities I’ve been looking for!

  50. Thought I was logged in already :$

    At first glance, this looked like the ultimate toolbox for any BB user. However, on closer inspection, this is more of a treasure chest of all of the utilities I’ve been looking for!

  51. would love to win a copy of this! sign me up!

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  68. Sounds like an awesome app. Sign me up! :)

  69. This sounds great! Please count me in and good luck!

  70. All in one awesome app. Here’s hoping to win a copy. Good luck everybody!

  71. I’m not really an apps person. Heck, I even have 60+ mb free on my Pearl 3g. I would love to have this app though. :)

  72. even tho i’m running out of storage on my 9700, i would really like this app 😀

  73. all-in-one apps great

  74. Great opportunity! I’m in.

  75. Pick me! Pick me!

  76. nice… i love to get one for my bb!

  77. if i win, i donate my smartwifi

  78. if fixmo tools is ready for the Playbook, yahoo! But, I’ll gladly accept a copy for my equally flexible 9700!
    Cheers all!
    Oh, and a tip of the hat to Fixmo Tools andBerry Review for a great promo!

  79. i love give away. i am cross my fingers

  80. This is by far the best and most comprehensive utility I’ve ever seen on BlackBerry. Yes the price is high but it can easily replace a dozen other apps, saving you money in the long run.

  81. I grabbed this update a week ago from their site for my 9810. I’d transferred my old v2 license from my 9800 and side loaded it earlier cause I just can’t function w/o it. I left an earlier copy on a 9000 my daughter now uses. Wouldn’t it be great if this loyal customer could win a copy to put back on what is now his wife’s 9800? Yes, yes it would.

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