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RIM Reconfirms that PlayBook Charger Charges Smartphones Twice as Fast

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We told you last month that RIM’s ShopBlackBerry store practically confirmed that the BlackBerry PlayBook Rapid Charger can charge BlackBerry smartphones twice as fast. Now we have even more proof from RIM on that front. They put up a new knowledge base entry titled “BlackBerry smartphone compatibility with BlackBerry PlayBook charger.” According to that article:

The charger that ships with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is the BlackBerry Premium Charger and is fully compatible with a number of current BlackBerry smartphones. Unlike the traditional BlackBerry smartphone wall charger which converts AC to 700 mAh, the BlackBerry Premium Charger outputs at 1800 mAh which charges the BlackBerry smartphone twice as fast.

The battery does heat up slightly but is within acceptable levels.

RIM lists the following devices as compatible with the PlayBook Rapid Charger though it is practically a list of all BlackBerry devices with MicroUSB connectors:

BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet
BlackBerry® Bold™ 9930/9900
BlackBerry® Torch™ 9860/9850
BlackBerry® Torch™ 9810
BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800
BlackBerry® Bold™ 9780
BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700
BlackBerry® Bold™ 9650
BlackBerry® Curve™ 3G 9300
BlackBerry® Curve™ 8900
BlackBerry® Curve™ 8500 series
BlackBerry® Tour™ 9630
BlackBerry® Style™ 9670
BlackBerry® Storm2™ 9550
BlackBerry® Storm™ 9530
BlackBerry® Pearl™ 3G 9100 series
BlackBerry® Pearl™ Flip 8200 series

Let us know how the PlayBook Rapid Charger works on your BlackBerry smartphone!

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  1. I use it for my Bold and Playbook. Really disappointing when you spend money on the Playbook stand charger and it takes 6 – 8 hours to charge it. It was pretty pricey.

  2. Have used the wall charger on both my 9800 and now my 9900 since I got my PB. I knew it charged the phone sooo much faster. I’m glad to have it confirmed and that it doesn’t kill my phone batteries! 🙂 Love the wall charger makes it easier to travel with just one charger.

  3. Well this is really kinda “no duh” as far as electrical theory goes. Current is drawn, not pushed. Voltage is pushed. So as long as the voltage is right (and USB has a voltage standard so all USB are the same voltage), the smartphone will “draw” whatever current it can up to the output limit of the charger. So if the innards of a BlackBerry COULD draw 10 amps, if the charger can output that much it will.

    An interesting exercise would be to gather some spare phones, connect them to a much more current capable dc supply at USB voltage, and measure exactly how much the various models CAN draw. You have to assume RIM has built in some current limiting in the phone to avoid “cooking” the battery, but I’m sure different models vary a bit.

  4. used it on my wife’s 9700. the pb chrager left what looked like black dead pixels clustered together. throughout the day, they would disappear. took 3 days for the cluster to go away.

    i now only use the charger that came with the 9700.

  5. I used on my bb9700 about twice. Now it’s dying super quick all the times. Guess RIM owes me a battery now

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