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RIM: “BlackBerry Outage Caused by Core Switch Failure” Now Working Through Backlog

BlackBerry Melted Dont Even Reply

RIM let the AP News know that the reason for the prolonged outage in the EMEA region for the last two days is because of a “Core switch failure.” You would think that they would have a redundant hot or cold core switch but according to RIM the “transition to a backup switch did not function as tested, causing a large backlog of data… RIM said it is now working to clear the backlog and restore normal service as soon as possible.”

Amen to that! Next time maybe we need a backup for the backup for the backup?

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  1. Or… As to what I am preaching is to create QNX Based Servers! If not I feel like it will be the end of RIM. You have to look at it from this Angle, RIM was doing awesome in 2008 with the iPhone out until their outages started… I’m probably one of the BIGGEST FANS. However, they can’t run a Superphone off of this! The legacy java based servers won’t be able to handle Superphones! RIM if you are listening, I am praying you don’t let me down.

    • Doesn’t matter what servers they use all have down time. Even your “QNX BASED” servers.

      • Wouldn’t happen as “often” and as long though with QNX Based Servers… If they are running the “Complete Internet” how often does the “Complete Internet” entirely down? That would only be the case of if it isn’t currently equipment failures either which we don’t know at this point.

        • so running QNX servers would have prevented a core router failure or somehow allowed a backup procedure in their network infrastructure to work properly?

          • I don’t understand his rant. QNX isn’t an OS for servers, if you were actually going to run it in production, you’d do so on some sort of embedded hardware.
            Even under VMware qnx is trash. VMWare defeats the purpose (real-time). Moreover, according to my tests, QNX under vmware performs much worse: 5-10 times slower. Even servers from Dell and HP, will not work i doubt that they will even give you support in this area anymore.
            Even in the QNX forums it says it support x86 Dell PowerEdge 840 BASE Desktop/server which is a little dated. Your better off with with RIM servers. I don’t believe RIM wants to switch to servers that run QNX4 or 6. I would jump ship to a iphone in a minute.

            • So since I have time now… Are you made by Apple? Cisco’s IOS Routers which run the High End Internet would not be good for BIS Servers??? QNX’s trademark is “Message passing”… Explain to me how this would be bad… Pass me whatever you’re smoking too!

              • I can’t give a official answer..why because There is no memory protection between processes, which means that bugs in IOS code can potentially corrupt data used by other processes. It also has a run to completion scheduler, which means that the kernel does not pre-empt a running process — the process must make a kernel call before other processes get a chance to run. We know how RIM is with security, its a toss up cisco uses qnx anyway,personally don’t see RIM making tthat change. Btw I’m a red hat engineer

                • You’re not very Brilliant for being a Red Hat Engineer… All the internals of RIM can’t be going based off of Java Pushed Based emails… QNX has the Securest, and Most Safe Kernel! You can put that together with Certicom and what do you have? What do you Suggest, having them use Windows Azure like Apple? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, That is so gonna go down and what are the Whinny Little Analyst *!#ches gonna say then?


                  “Another problem with a buyout, writes Misek, is that at the moment, the subscriber base at RIM is undervalued because of the legacy investment of RIM’s systems in the Java programming language. When the company moves to QNX, it will move that infrastructure into a standard C programming environment, which would ameliorate the discount.”

                  Investors, Analyst’s, and People are fools for following a God “Steve Jobs” who’s not Immortal!

              • I never said qnx kernal was not secure my post was directed to your precious CISCO. The same problem I just stated is what made your precious CISCO run to QNX. I see you lack history and knowledge. I see you only come here to flame war against RIM consider taking the L this the second flame war with you CISCO,QNX and RIM.

                • I never came here to start a war… I was simply saying that RIM needs to implement QNX in it’s servers to work intellectually with Superphones… The last piece I was merely making fun of you for being a “Red Hat Engineer” not knowing your facts dealing with Java based Servers and wanted them to keep the same servers! Are you for real? Who really are you? You definitely don’t know your stuff! Leave well enough alone Buddy!

              • I never said you were wrong I clearly stated I can’t give a official answer on your question so how am I not bright? Oh wait I didn’t agree with you once again Micheal seriously… You want me to say your totally right MICHEAL you should run RIM.

                • I just think that you’re playing childish games… You act like you’re the first person to go to school dealing with Unix/Linux Engineering… You’re name says it all!

              • What? Seriously Micheal that’s not the impression I give I say what I know, never talk down to a person I learn something new on this site everyday only reason I’m here

                • I was never talking down to you, I was merely stating that keeping there own Java Servers would be a Huge and Last Mistake that RIM would ever make… They would be so Buried in the Ground that it would somehow shatter the Entire Universe’s Portal! Do you expect them to run Blackberry/QNX Car cloud off those servers? What happens if your car goes down, along with your Superphone? I’m just trying to understand… QNX is flexible enough to be transformed into BIS Servers if they are flexible enough to do everything else, am I correct? You would have never thought 10 Years ago you would see QNX in Cars, let alone cellphones.

              • Only thing I can say is RIM server issues is leaning on its last legs with the company. Now your correct I never thought seeing QNX in cars or phones knowing QNX always had a ugly UI along with linux Lol.

                • Crackberry Kevin did state in one of his podcast a couple of months back, that he believes that they are creating some QNX Based Push system for The Playbook, and Superphones. I am only trying to push that idea through. It only makes sense why “Native Email” isn’t on the Playbook yet, or so one can hope. It did have an unattractive UI but look at what they have done so far with the Playbook. I can only imagine what a TAT Inspired QNX phone is going to look like…

              • RIM confirmed it when they said it would be here in “60 days” and pulled the trigger and didn’t bring it to the table, I would never understand that move. TAT would want to bring there A game, my only concern is what RIM will do with the browser.

                • Hopefully they allow browser extensions with it… Regardless, the ball is in their court… They need to show us how they will succeed against Apple/Android With QNX/TAT and how they can move past these outages (Hopefully also with QNX). The only 2 things that are standing in their way.

              • With browser extensions and flash on the playbook is a seller. Let me take that back if it don’t have 100,000 apps it can’t compete in the market. I have a feeling 2.0 will look to much like android I hate to say it, I don’t think they gone take there feet off the pedal against apple/google. If RIM or a developer find a way to run iOS on the playbook! Apple will feel it like you say balls in there court “Time to release the true potential of QNX”

                • I think it will be more Appleish… They want it simple like Apple. They could easily run IOS on QNX, but that would mean a Lawsuit from the company that should be making Underwear…

        • Your crazy do some research on the hardware for qnx based servers.

  2. 3rd day withou BIS/BES service is beginning in EMEA… byebye, Blackberry. I am not using my phone for playing around, I need to work.

  3. Still down as of 9:30am (GMT+2) for all services.

  4. Still essentially down, apart for sporadic bursts of email deliveries every several hours…. 3pm (GMT+2) right now. Past the 24 Hour mark.

  5. still wondering if they r under attack from hackers, relating to the london riots.

  6. Quite sad and feeling sorry for RIM and all enthusiasts.

    Hope they get to fix this recurring problem.

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