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Devs: RIM Provides Detailed Explanation of NFC BlackBerry Features & Implementation

BlackBerry NFC Stack

I have been looking for some good documentation on the NFC features RIM introduced with BlackBerry OS 7 and the Bold 9900/9930 along with the Curve 9350/9360/9370. Alec Saunders, RIM’s new VP of Developer Relations, pointed out a great “NFC Primer for Developers” posted by Martin Woolley and John Murray of RIM’s Developer Relations team that does a great job of explaining what is possible. The primer is geared towards developers but if you are like me and like learning the basic concepts and capabilities you may want to check it out. It will give you a great idea of what is possible with NFC on BlackBerrys and why this is a big move for RIM.

Check out RIM’s “NFC Primer for BlackBerry Developers” in their forums. Now if only they could have baked NFC into ALL of the BlackBerry 7 devices and the PlayBook…

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  1. They need to come out with app that includes the newer blackberry devices as well.

  2. I’m not a techo but I also like to get the feel of how things work.

    Thank you for posting this diagram.

    I also wonder why all the latest bb’s don’t have it baked in …. unless it wasn’t ready until the 9900. That is, the 9900 was the model that NFC was designed around in the trial state. That would make sense.

  3. The tag feature uses NFC because Bluetooth is not designed for non-associated communication. It requires passcodes and such so it is not good for most of what you would want to use NFC for. It also has a longer range which defeats the purpose.

    From what I am hearing only the Bold and Curve lines got NFC because they were designed later in the game. The Storm 3 was scrapped a few times before the current model and the Torch 9810 is essentially the same as the 9800 just bumped up specs.

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