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RIM Teaching Android PlayBook Development to BlackBerry Java Developers


For awhile now I (and many other devs) have had a feeling that RIM might try to push BlackBerry smartphone Java developers into developing Android applications. The Android runtime on the PlayBook will be the first Java runtime for the PlayBook (and possibly QNX phones) and I know Java BlackBerry devs are paying attention. RIM has promised a Java Player for the PlayBook that should emulate BlackBerry Java apps but they have been pretty quiet about it.

Now I noticed in their session catalog for BlackBerry DevCon this month they have a session titled: “Android Development for BlackBerry Java Developers.”

Here is how RIM describes the session:

This session is targeted to BlackBerry Java developers interested in developing Android applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Join us if you prefer to continue utilizing your Java skills, or you have a large codebase of an existing BlackBerry Java application that you want to port to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet with minimum effort. A contrast will be made between the key BlackBerry and Android APIs, followed by break down of the porting process of an existing BlackBerry application.

It seems like RIM is going to help developers in the process of porting their BlackBerry Java apps to the PlayBook using the Android player. That is an interesting move for RIM since it would require them in the future to expand the native APIs (advertising, analytics, push, etc) for the Android Player which they claim they do not plan on doing…

On the other hand RIM will be having two of their employees giving this session on porting to Android:

  • Denver Coneybeare – Team Lead – Java Device APIs @ Research In Motion
  • Kamen Vitanov – Senior Architect, Strategic Initiatives – Research In Motion

The key takeaways for the session are:

  • Compare and contrast BlackBerry Java development to Android development
  • See how easy it is to port your code to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
  • Reach a new market of users for your Android apps
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  1. I’m signed up for this session, and am curious what they will cover. I’ve already had plenty of demand for porting my existing BlackBerry Java software to the PlayBook, but am not willing to do a major rewrite.

    It would certainly be interesting if Android winds up being the primary Java SDK for the PlayBook, though I’m not sure how much it would help RIM in the long run.

  2. This is by far the most interesting title for any of the sessions at DevCon…

  3. RIM just concentrate on their own development rather force users into developing for Android. RIM waste so much resources. Just give us the damn java sdk for QNX. Don’t need to screw around with Android.

  4. I am waiting for it. I need it bad. 🙂

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