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RIM is Suddenly Very Interested in Lock Screen Widgets

Con3_Widgets_clean Con1_Nearby Items_clean

We heard some rumblings at BlackBerry World that RIM was working with Microsoft to bake Bing directly into the BlackBerry OS and lock screen though only a few concepts were shown. In RIM’s latest market research survey they sent me this week they definitely seem to be going further or at least contemplating it. In the survey they were asking if you would want to see your RSS feeds, messages and more on your homescreen. They even had a bunch of mock ups of what they are considering shown below:

Con8_BlackBerry Tips_clean Con2_Feeds_clean

Con4_My Stuff_clean Con5_Just for Fun_clean

Con6_Recommended_clean Con7_Search_clean

Lock Screen

Lock Screen 0

Lock Screen 1

Lock Screen 2

Lock Screen 3

Lock Screen 4

 Lock Screen 5

Lock Screen 6

 Lock Screen 7

Lock Screen 1

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  1. I was hoping that they would include the vital widets on the top of the screen (weather, baterry percentage, notifications) while the other items (Stocks, horoscope, agenda, etc) can be accessed by swiping or clicking to the right.

    • Also, it would be nice if the camera, video camera, voice notes, memo pad, media player and navigation should be accessed through the locked screen. Locked screen should be accessed by password lock or just swiping.

  2. Other (please specify) : Themes thems themes themes themes, oh and themes!

  3. And I can’t help but think about a certain mascot for the BlackBerry tips widget 😉

  4. PLEASE don’t bake Microsoft’s Bing into the BB OS. Microsoft just wants a close up view inside the workings of all things BlackBerry.

    Value to RIM (short term): 1
    Value to Microsoft: 1×1,000!
    Value to RIM (long term): 1x-1,000,000

    Tell me, what will integrating Bing do for BlackBerry? You guys think Google is tough, Microsoft is a lot tougher customer with a lot more to lose!

    The same is true for baking flash into the Playbook OS; however, Adobe is a friendlier customer than Microsoft and they don’t have anything at stake in the mobile device market.

    Microsoft wants QNX and want QNX technology BAD! Give them an inch, they’ll take a light year, and a chunk of the BB market in couple of years.

    Talk to Marc Andreessen. Heck, many folks think Microsoft invented the Internet and the World Wide Web!

  5. I support the idea. In fact, I welcome it, even though I have no widget envy with Android. I never though widgets on a home screen makes sense because of the limited space; however, the concept on a locked screen makes a lot of sense. The idea makes the lock screen more useful!

    I really like the proposed items:

    Nearby Items
    My Stuff

    RIM should definitely implement the 5 items above and give the user options so they can select the ones they want. Perhaps a max of three widgets can be displayed. On some screens, three would be a bit much, but on the 9860, three would be great. Either way, the user will be able to pick and choose what they want to display.

    I don’t support Just For Fun (at least what is proposed) or Search. I can see the reasoning behind Just For Fun — for the kids, but Search doesn’t make sense to me.

  6. Wow – this looks interesting!

    I like my beach scene photo that I took with my phone as my front lock screen – but I can see that news feeds for example would be great if something big was happening around the world and you wanted to view without having to go through the unlock etc motions first.

    Of course, having all those different choices as to what to show would suit a lot of different interests.

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