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BlackBerry Curve 9360 Now on T-Mobiles Website With UMA – Currently Out of Stock…

T-Mobile 9360

Today is the day T-Mobile told us they would officially be selling the BlackBerry Curve 9360 and true to their word the phone is now live on their website. The only catch is that it is currently out of stock… I am not sure what to make of that but at least the website confirms that it is $79.99 after a $50 mail in rebate. The other interesting thing is that the product description clearly specifies that it has both Mobile AND Wi-Fi calling which would mean it has UMA support. That is something that as far as I know is not included on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 from T-Mobile.

Check out the Black BlackBerry Curve 9360 on T-Mobile’s website or you can wait for the Merlot version that is coming soon on October 12th.

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  1. I have been a T-Mobile customer for YEARS now, and have always raved about their customer service… until NOW!

    I had to speak with 8 different representatives, yes EIGHT in the last 30 minutes!

    I had ordered a new Curve 9360 to add to my family plan this morning around 8 AM. All went well, and I even paid the additional $12 to overnight it so I can have it tomorrow. Very Excited!

    This is where it gets good. I check the order number online. It says estimated date Oct 4th. So I call to find out about that. After speaking with the whole T-Mobile family LOL transferred from one dept to another over & over again, they say… oh you’ll get your phone tomorrow. No problem.

    I think… Great!

    Then I look again and see this!

    “BlackBerry® Curve™ 3G – Graphite Gray”


    T-Mobile thought it was okay to change my order to one of the worthless Curves they already have in stock, (which they realize they will have a lot of trouble selling for even 50 bucks at this point) and decide to send me this, charge me 99.99 with a $50 mail in rebate… because they are ‘temporarily out of stock’.

    How do they think this is even OKAY? And to not even notify me!!! Usually when an item is ordered, and the vendor wants to make sure it gets fulfilled. To satisfy the customer, you either send the phone ordered or something BETTER! (I knew I wasn’t about to get a new Bold LOL & I currently have a 9870 that I’m keeping anyway.)

    WHAT THE HELL happened to T-Mobile? Now, they won’t even send me the piece of garbage “3G Curve” temporarily while I wait for the new 9360 Curve. Instead, they are sending me some P.O.S. HTC Wildfire… because it is one of their ‘free’ phones.

    Can you tell I’m a tad frustrated?? All I ask for is a bit of honesty. I could wait, if the phone is not available right now. But don’t tell me I can have the new 9360 over night, bill me for it immediately… then change the order mid-day to rid yourself of an inferior model & think the consumer is not going to notice.

    Big T-MOBILE #FAIL!!!!!

  2. I love 9900!

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