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Wealthy Cellphone Owners Skew Towards BlackBerrys


According to a recent survey by Prosper Mobile Insights it seems like wealthy cellphone users tend to prefer BlackBerrys. According to MSNBC, Prosper surveyed 25,000 users for its survey and found that of those with household incomes of $150,000+ the found 11.3% had BlackBerrys. iPhone was not far behind with 10.9% and Android had 7.2%. They took things down a notch with a $100,000 – $149,999 a year category and found that 21.2% had BlackBerrys, 19% had iPhones, and 15.8% had Android devices.

In the $75,000 – $99,999 category the stats are much closer with the iPhone taking 19.6% compared to BlackBerrys 18.7% and Androids 18.2%. When things dip below $74,999 but above $50,000 then Android takes the lead with 23.7%, iPhone racks in 22.4%, and BlackBerry takes 21.2%. Last but not least they had the $35,000 to $49,999 category with 14.3% having Android, 12.6% having BlackBerrys, and 12.5% having iPhones.

Some interesting stats to say the least with RIM taking the lead in the high end and still showing reputable numbers throughout. They also obviously found that apps are not as prevalent with BlackBerry users. Oddly they asked BlackBerry users about Angry birds which is not even available on BlackBerry…

Check out the details at MSNBC and let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. here’s what I found everyone (even my friends and family) doing:

    purchase an iPhone on contract
    -than they sell it on craigslist (unused) for $500-$600
    -than they buy a BlackBerry and stick with it for 6 months than swap it for a new BlackBerry
    -If they break the BlackBerry than they buy an Android and use it until they can get a new BlackBerry or an iPhone to sell.

  2. I like blackberry and will keep on using it!

  3. I’m not wealthy. I hope this won’t in any way affect the cost of my favorite mobile device.

    Will keep using Blackberry 🙂 just like everyone else.

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