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Rumor: Quanta Downsizes PlayBook Production Lines in Taiwan


I am not sure what to make of this thought I did hear rumors about PlayBook production since last week. Digitimes is reporting that Quanta Computer, which produces the BlackBerry PlayBook in Taiwan, has cut down on BlackBerry PlayBook production and has “offered preferential compensation to lay off about 1,000 workers.” Quanta specifically setup production in northern Taiwan for the PlayBook with three shifts and more than 2,000 workers which is rumored to now be cut in half.

It could be that RIM has already stocked the PlayBook pipeline with a ton of devices that just need to be updated to OS 2.0 when it launches. Still it is not a good sign to have those production lines starting to taper off especially with a global launch and 4G powered PlayBooks supposedly coming soon. This also makes me wonder who is manufacturing RIM’s QNX superphones like the Colt or if RIM is doing that in their own factories.

Thanks Tamas @BerryBlog for the tip!

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  1. It would be feasible that the hardware has already been built. The issues with the Playbook are refining the software. Enough time has lapsed for them to have stock piled wifi and 4G Playbooks up to now.

    Also, it could be that they simply didn’t need all that staff to produce the volume they wanted. Meaning the 2000 works was overkill and 1000 was all that was needed

    • Or it could be wanting to have a mass production to build stockpile before normal production?
      Or perhaps its not really layoff but moving the 1000from playbook to phones!!!! 😀

  2. Perhaps the volume’s been reached, and it’s time to go to Step 2. Whatever that may be, may all be well down the road we tread.

    I hope those who get’s the cut will find new jobs soon.

  3. I’m taking this with a grain of salt. Those 1k workers could be moved to another department where the first QNX phone is under development, reports like this always show the negative side of all things RIM.

  4. More terrible management from RIM. I mean get out ahead fo this story. Announce the layoffs along with saying 2.0 is coming at date X, we have the distributoin steam full and great pricing on 2.0 units coming.

    yes it would still be bad news but the impression here is bad news with nothing going on. This reinforces the image of RIM as a failed dying company and will hurt both playbook and BB phone sales.

    Oh and the big unveil of 2.0 and the QNX phone phone next month, you don’t think the media will crap on that? Sure they will.

    • Maybe RIM didn’t know the manufacturer was going to do it officially until today as well.

      Why would the media crap on 2.0 and QNX phone if the specs are solid? I think your letting your anger get the best of your judgement..

  5. Even though RIM did shoot itself in the foot with the early release of the playbook, I still see it as a smart move. Now if the QNX superphone is what were expecting it to be you should be expecting the media and bloggers to bash it regardless why… #1 it doesn’t have a apple logo #2 it isn’t a hack machine like android or iOS. Either way you look at it its a loosing situation for RIM. I can say they need to cut the CEOs up they lost it while the rest of the company is making a change, I wouldn’t blame management yet… Look at the beating this company took this year, along with previous years.

  6. Everyone relax… we will know what the future holds in 27 days

    That will literally be make or break for me.

    They must show A LOT

    • This is sad but true. In 27 days we will know the future… but we won’t have OS2 in our hands, just some vague promise that it’s coming.. and the QNX phone? Ya that’ll be coming too.

      And what will the press be like? “Ya it seems good, but we’ve seen that from RIM in the past and they’ve never lived up to the hype.”

      So in the end a great even could very well end up being more bad publicity for RIM.

      Truly to God I hope I’m wrong, but the fact that they are saying OS2 will be demoed at Devcon and be available shortly there after to me says it STILL isn’t ready.

      Please RIM PLEASE! Not more Delays!

  7. Ya well I hope they have an ad campaign but then I ask myself have they been able to do anything right in the last 2 or 3 years?

    I recall all of us being on here so excited about the launch of the PB wondering what would be on it and what kind of ads they’s put out, then they released it almost in secret, well I guess we know why.

    I’m at the point now where I no longer hope RIM is a contender I just don’t want them to be an embarrassment. That to me is what they have become. I have a meeting next monday that about 30 people will be at. I have evernote on my computer and the agenda will be a pdf. I could take my PB to the meeting take a few notes and follow the agenda on it, but I’m at the point now where I don’t even think I’ll take it. I’m just embarrassed to own it. Even though I like it RIM has done such a bad job with it I know everyone else will be thinking what a fool that guy is to have bought a playbook.

    Sorry but that’s how I feel. RIM’s own mismanagement has lowered the value I get out of the product the company should be wanting me to show off.

    I think 2.0 will make the PB better but I have ZERO faith that RIM knows how to market it. So even thought it’s better it’ll still be: only suckers bought the playbook.

    The real problem is I can’t even say, yes RIM do a great marketing job like you did with _________. I just can’t fill in that blank.

    • Sorry guys I like to be positive on BR so I’m just not going to post much here, or try to keep it positive. Which amounts to the same thing 🙂

    • Don’t lose hope Kiddo. Sure, RIMM has made some missteps with the PlayBook, but they seem to be on the right track now, especially if this 2.0 update lives up to its potential. Hopefully, their marketing department takes advantage to really show what the PlayBook can really do. I feel that the Blackberry Bridge is one of the major edges the PlayBook has over the competition and needs to be integrated with other apps core/third party and needs to be developed to the fullest. I can’t tell you how many times my Brother couldn’t get a wifi signal with his Ipad 2 (even with remote wifi) while I just whip out my PlayBook and go to work browsing the web. Also, the PlayBooks size, velvety back and access to flash games make it ideal for gaming (my 7 year old nephew loves it). I think their new market slogan should be PlayBook: The tablet that you can take anywhere and that takes you everywhere. I know you can do it RIMM.

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