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Rogers Playbook Employee Pricing turns Playbook into a hotcake!!


I have been told that Rogers employees are seeing “sold out” when trying to purchase today, the 21st.  Unknown if they are really sold out or just shut it down, but, either way it indicates a huge sell off.  This employee pricing was advertised to go until December 1



As we all read last week, Rogers initiated the first heavily discounted program with respect to the Playbook. The deal was basically %50 off all the models and was available to all Rogers Wireless employees.  The kicker was that if you bought them before September 22, you were also eligible for the $100 MasterCard from RIM.  Thus making a 16 GB Playbook a dirt cheap $149.99!!

Several friends of mine work at Rogers and yes I have been hounding them to get me in on the party, but, it seems this this program has resulted in way more sales than Rogers expected and Playbooks are going to be hard to come by at Rogers.

Apparently the stock is flying out fast, Rogers is almost out of the 16 GB model alone.  I have been told there is no official limit to purchases, but, each Rogers employee is only eligible to claim 3 rebates from RIM.  In addition as of today, if you try to buy over 5 units, your order will get transferred to the fraud department to have the order investigated, which will result in the order not being completed ,because by the time the fraud department clears your order, the stock will likely be out and you get no Playbooks.  This is the unofficial way Rogers is trying to control the orders so everyone gets a decent shot.

Some staff are even calling friends or acquaintances in other Provinces to see if they are using their 3 orders.

Given the 1000’s of employees in Rogers Wireless, and at least 3 Playbooks sold per employee, one could extrapolate huge movement of Playbook stock in the last 5 days and coming weeks.

I personally think this is the best play for RIM and they need to start doing this all over the place.  I have said before, while it would great if the Playbook made money for RIM, it doesn’t need to in order for it to be a success.  The Playbook could very well serve one purpose, be a loss leader, and be successful.  RIM needs to flood the market with devices.  Based on my own experience and those of others in the forums, once people have the Playbook in their hands, they generally love it.  It is getting them into peoples hands that clearly is the trouble for RIM and this is a surefire way to get Playbooks in peoples hands.

It will be interesting to see what else RIM has in store before Christmas!



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  1. How about finishing up the international release of the thing so people can actualy buy it? ¬¬

  2. $150 is a good price for a tablet that is not droid (249 – 100 rebate)
    ..similar to $99 for HP touchpad

    They should continue with the rebate and open it up to others besides Rogers

  3. Telus has had a similar deal going for over a week. 16GB PB for$299. So there should be a lot of Playbooks selling up in Canada.

  4. They should take a page out of the HP playbook and sell these at $99. I know HP is getting out of the biz altogether and RIM are likely afraid to send that signal but really, the worst thing about the PB is lack of apps and that stems from weak sales. It’s time to establish this in the market and taking a loss on these might be more effective than an advertising campaign.

    Think of it as an investment. This thing is a capable machine and the best way for people to get that message is to have a friend who has one.

    My friend who bought an iPad2 a month and a half ago told me yesterday said he is starting to get sick of the lack of flash on it. He said he likes to browse the web a lot at night while watching TV and he said he’s found most websites use flash. Ya isn’t something like 400 of the top 500 sites use flash.

    • I think the magic # for huge sales is under $250.00. I think the Touchpad would have sold just as fast at $200.00 bucks.

      I agree, the Playbook can be a huge loss leader

      I have a feeling this is what they have in store

      • Ya I would add they really need to move significant quantities before the windows 8 machinese hit.

        Sorry to say it on Berry Review but I’m still in love with the way that pen worked on windows 8. One of my dreams for the playbook was to be able to do handwritten notes on it. Given it’s size which is just like a little note pad, but sadly that didn’t work out.

  5. Dreaming some carriers here in my country would do the same. RIM ought to do the same all over the planet. An enthusiast is an evangelist. Word of Mouth, Buzz, Personal endorsement are what makes a product move — actual live users sharing their experience with the PB is the best advertisement.

    RIM, if you do so, remember me 🙂

  6. Now only if the general public had deals like this, RIM would really have a lot of positive attention.

    • General public will start getting deals soon; however, I would guess they will be around the $300 dollar range for the 16GB wifi.

      I would be surprised if the public got a deal for less.

      • This isn’t good enough, although I’m not surprised, given the seeming lack of managerial talent at RIM. The only significant set of customers they have are Curve owners and at that price I don’t see anyone with a Curve buying a PB.

        • They may get to $250, but, I think putting it less would be redundant.

          Like I said before, the Touchpad would have sold just as fast at $250 or $200.

          I really think f you put it too cheap, the geeks will just go out and buy them and they won’t ever see the general public, just like the Touchpad.

          The price point is a very very fine line.

  7. $500 always seemed to be too much money to pay for a tablet anyway. That is, if your name is not Apple. Once the not-Apples realize this, I think we should see the typical tablet price drop way down.

  8. sure would be nice if I could get me a heavily discounted 64 GB Playbook (nudge nudge wink wink)

  9. its 12:55 pm est and I am told Rogers employees are seeing “Sold Out” across the board on all models

  10. Can I buy it from China?

  11. The “sold out” was a glitch, only the 16GB is gone, and has been showing as such since Tuesday late afternoon.

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