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RIM Q2 Fiscal 2012 Conference Call Wrapup – More Details!


RIM didn’t go into much detail in their press release before but both Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie were on the investor conference call that just ended. They had quite a bit to say including the fact that 35% of sales for Q2 were for BlackBerry 7 devices in the last few weeks of Q2.  They were also talking quite a bit about the PlayBook, BlackBerry 7, and the QNX phone transition. Here are the bullet points I wrote up from the call:

  • BB7 received enthusiastically by both carriers and consumers
  • Early sales of BB7 are strong
  • Plans for driving PlayBook sales on the way
  • Nortel patents will help RIM in the future of RIM’s platform
  • BBM music has access to 10 million songs at launch later this fall.
  • NFC to differentiate first to offer secure access to buildings
  • 13 billion BBM connected apps downloads
  • App World 129 markets
  • PlayBook software bundle of many features such as native PIM apps, video store and movies
    • Movies available same as DVD release
    • Update will be demo at devcon and release thereafter.
  • Android app player will be released also shortly after DevCon
  • QNX smartphone development is going well. Prototypes will be shown in the near feature.
  • QNX smartphone app eco-system will be demo-d at DEVCON
  • RIM is on track to a better Q3 performance with help from BB7 and plans for holiday sales.
  • QNX smartphones will have all the features users want when they are released
  • PlayBook OS 2.0 will bring BES support

Let me know if I missed anything!

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  1. Future looks on track… as much as I was pissed about the delayed OS 2.0.. the fact that QNX phones are ahead of schedule is very encouraging.

    • Not sure if they are ahead of schedule. Wasn’t the Playbook announcement around the same time last year? So QNX Phones in April 2012?

    • I agree. I was and still am very pissed about Playbook 2.0, but looking forward to the future!

      • The real problem is they have shot their bolt in terms of trust. Ok Demoed at Devcon, but then “released shortly after” What does that mean????

        why not say Demoed at Devcon and Rolled out before the end of Devcon. The reason they don’t say it is “Shortly after gives them wiggle room. Come on RIM I’m really sick of this. Give dates!

        • Kiddo, while I agree that RIM has a less than stellar track record with release dates, in this case, they can’t put out a release date now, even if they do know it.

          They cannot jeopardize any further OS 7 sales by putting out a release date too soon.

          It is a fine line

  2. There was so much hate and trolling during the call on the CB page it was disgusting.

    If people are so pissed, why don’t they just buy a bloody different phone?

  3. what is being released after devcon is qnx OS 2.0, not qnx phones. those are not until 2012.

    • yes we know that…late 2011, early 2012

      • Let’s see… RIM missed 3 quarters because they haven’t released really any new phones since the Torch, but will be releasing Playbook 2.0, they have already released BlackBerry 7 Phones, and will be giving Developers the tools for Playbook and SuperPhones… Stock Drops 20 Percent… Within Missing the Quarters, they are making up lost ground and securing the Future… Am I missing something on why the stock dropped 20%? I thought the Moral of the Story was to find out if RIM can execute properly in the Future? Playbook 2.0, QNX Prototypes…

        Wait, I just figured it out… They’re Canadian… I’m Sorry, I forgot! It’s a whole stunt on making Apple which is a US Company #1. What a bunch of SHIT!!! It’s a never ending Story of lies! First it was Analysts saying that BES won’t work on Superphones, or Flash is the problem, and now it’s they were down last quarter cause the phones didn’t come till later, and we just don’t understand Common Sense so let’s just kill the stock, and then next it’s another Bullshit story apon another one! Will they just be closet Apple tards their whole life who don’t want to say “You’re Canadian and we don’t want you!” Give me a flipping BREAK!

        Brian, Do you understand what I’m saying? No matter what they do, they will never catch a break with these ignorant Apple paid Nazi Morons!

        • I’m not sure this argument holds, because these are the same morons who are doing this even when the stock was sky high.

          Anyway the stock price doesn’t really matter unless you own a ton of it. What matters is RIM making a great QNX phone. marketing that great phone, and selling it.

          All steps are essential, the second one more than ever because of all the negatives around the company, but if they nail the first step they can do it.

          Now I can come up with one thing that will blow the walls off the market. Think of this:
          The QNX phone will have full 1080p with and HDMI output and the movie store….

          That’s right all you need to watch movies on your 70 inch flat screen is your BB phone, oh and when a call comes in, the movie pauses (if you want) and your phone becomes a speaker phone and you can accept the call and hear and maybe see the person on your TV.

          That’s the kind of magic RIM needs to deliver and that’s the kind of magic that will blow the iPhone out of the market.

          Chin up old boy… 🙂

        • I am sure there is an element of anti-Canadian sentiment with some American analysts and industry types, just as their is portion of people in Canada that have anti-American sentiments, but, by and large this is how people related to the stock market react to news of this nature.

          These analysts have no faith in RIM and really, why should they?

          RIM may have all the best intentions, all the best laid plans, all the best software and hardware plans, but, if they don’t execute, its meaningless.

          I on the other hand have faith that they will execute. The fact that a QNX phone will be shown at DevCon was shocking to me frankly. I did NOT expect that.

          People will also say that the Playbook launched at devcon but took forever to hit, that is true, but, in retrospect, they delayed the Playbook as long as they could because they wanted to see if they could get email/calender on it, when they realized they couldn’t, they launched in April.

          I don’t think there is an issue of this nature that is affecting the QNX Phone. The Playbook has taught them a lot and a vast majority of the work put into the Playbook is transferable to the QNX Phone.

          This brings me back to why I think the Playbook is a loss leader for them and RIM realizes this. The Playbook will be around always with RIM, it may not be selling well now, but, why should it? Mike L even admitted that the lack of apps, email, calender etc stalled sales; however, there is no doubt the hardware and OS is still the best out there. I don’t care what anyone says about these upcoming 1.2 or 1.5 ghz dual core androids, or the upcoming quad cores. When it comes to a tablet/computer, you need to judge it based on the OS combined with the hardware and still to do date, the Playbook leads the field when looking at the whole picture.

          Mike L said the Playbook was going to be aggressively discounted at the end of the year, we saw what that means for sales with the Touchpad. If somehow they get the Playbook down to 200-300, wow, I would honestly buy a Playbook for everyone for Chritsmas.

          In the end when you really really really analyze the earnings call, there was more positives than negatives. Reflecting about and talking about OS 6 sales is pointless. If you take away piss poor OS 6 sales what are you left with?? Positive news!

          – Playbook 2.0 coming by end of October
          – QNX Phone reveal in October
          – Continued strong OS 7 sales
          – additional OS 7 phones (Mike dropped the hint, 979/Curve Touch)
          – No loss in sales in North America (the bleeding has stopped)

          • Just am listening to CNBC and Cramer is just so in love with himself… They say that RIM is in denial and that RIM is Anti-Ecosystem… Really, who is in denial? They will be releasing the prototypes to developers to bring out the ecosystem… Are these people really that clueless and dumb hanging off of Steve Jobs Balls? I can’t believe how stupid these people are listening to them… They’re all fucked up in their own worlds!!!

  4. Not missed, but mispelled future as feature on your bullet-point line of QNX…prototypes in the near… 🙂

  5. anyone else notice they didn’t mention BBM for 2.0?

  6. Still no BB7 ads!!! Even in stores, very few people know the new Bold is a touchscreen device. Nothing says it is, so it just looks like an older BlackBerry — same old! C’mon RIM, sell it! It’s a great little device!! Same with the other two Torch devices. No advertising! Again, folks will think the 9850/60 is the same old Storm. It’s not! Sell it!!!!!

  7. Well last night was interesting RIM,now let’s get ready for the analysts predictions.

  8. I’m pretty sure we (the consumers) decide when RIM is obsolete. Isn’t that what anal-ysts are trying to guess?? What we’re going to do?

    Can they predict that I’m showing off my playbook and BB to all my friends and rallying the troops? If all of us tried influencing those we know to move to BB within this next month what would happen?

    Answer: Anal-yst EPIC FAIL

    Trend that.

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