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How to Clear the App World 3.0 Cache Data With New Shortcut

RIM annoyingly changed the shortcut to clear the App World cache on your device when they updated the app to v3.0. Previous versions just had to ALT+RST. One of our tipsters let us know that RIM has updated the official “How to clear the BlackBerry App World cache” knowledge base article with updated instructions for App World 3.0. Want to know how to clear the App World 3.0 on device cache?

To clear the App World cache on QWERTY devices hold the ALT key and type RSTRST. Annoying that RIM felt the need to change things right? It gets even better for Storm users according to RIM. For the BlackBerry Storm 9500/9530 the process is still holding the !?123 button until it locks and then typing 34(. For BlackBerry Storm 9520/9550 users you will have to press and hold the !?123 button and type 1?2.

Check out the full article here

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  1. ALT+RST still works for me. Just make sure you open the details screen for any application so the search bar doesn’t come up.

  2. ALT -> R-S-T still works for me as well.

  3. Now this is strange… The old way also seems to work ok for me. Could it be the new shortcut is for OS7 only?

  4. Hmm. Why is my post showing my name and that I’m unregistered? Lol.

  5. The old Alt-RST worked for me. It worked all throughout the beta too.

  6. Same here. Must be a “7 thing”. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to find out about all kinds of “7 things”.

  7. Many phones aren’t covered in the procedure from RIM. What about 9850/60 users?

  8. Well I open AW3.0.0.73 on my 9810 running OS7.0.0.261. It locked without a watch or anything for a minute or so then I was able to toggle back to home screen and exit AW. When I reopened AW and went to “myappworld” it did the refresh thing and all is as before. WHat actually gets cleared from this ache? Is this cache stored ont he device or on some BB server somewhere and why should I care to do this Alt+RSTRST thing ever again?

  9. i have a “refresh list” when i hit my menu button…i just use that instead of trying to remember weird combos. bold 9900, os7, app world 3.

  10. It’s useful.

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