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Giveaway: SOTI Pocket Controller Pro for Blackberry

Last week Soti has updated their Pocket Controller Pro to version 8.5. To celebrate this new version, they are offering a limited time 50% discount. You can simply browse to their site and use the coupon code BBAPPWORLD. Also, they were very generous and offering 5 lucky readers free copies of the Pocket Controller Pro.

All you will have to do is write in the comments below and tell us what would be your uses for this product and how you would use this application in a fun way. Submit your entries before end of September 18th Midnight, EST. We will announce the winners and contact them after the contest is over. Good luck everyone and get creative…

For those of you who are not familiar with Pocket Controller line of products, Pocket Controller allows you to control your handheld device via your desktop. Pocket Controller has evolved quite a lot over the years and it gets better with every release. For $17.98, it is really a great utility, it will not disappoint you.

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  1. friends want to win this wonderful application ……. greetings and luck

  2. used to synchronize blackberry to the computer and use your mobile device via the PC

  3. I’m at my laptop all day long with my BB aside. I send and receive e-mails from both devices, and more important than that I send / receive sms’s from my device all day long. I just wish I could remote control my BlackBerry from my desktop – life would just be so much easier.

  4. Wow its such a cool software that I will wish to have.

  5. You can hardly stop using BBM and SMS any time you’re at your desk. So I’d love to use my big screen and real keyboard!

  6. Didn’t win the last time and I shall try my luck again!

    I just can’t multitask and I need this to use my blackberry functions like bbm and do my work on the computer at the same time!

    I know this is an quality and good app but the real truth is, I can’t afford that. 🙁

  7. Great app! Would love one.

  8. I would love to have the latest SOTI Pocket Controller to allow me to compose and send SMS, Email and most importantly, BBMs from my desktop! The BBM Groups I belong to will also get the attention they deserve!

  9. I love this app for my 9700!

  10. this would help when we provide training to our users…

  11. wow! pick me up …….

  12. So wonderful!
    Just pick me up!

  13. Pocket-controller is awesome!

  14. Please count me in for this good app!

  15. I love pocket controller!

  16. So amazing giveaway!

  17. I want this perfect app!

  18. I wish to be able to remote control my device. include me, please..

  19. From what I’ve read about Pocket Controller and the stuff you can do with it makes it sound like something anyone that owns a Berry would want. Being able to BBM and other Berry functions while on a computer would be absolutely awesome.

  20. Wouldn’t mind using this to kinda emulate bridging from my PC.

  21. This is great. Thanks for the contest.

  22. I want this perfect app!

  23. I just think it would be cool to do anything on my phone thru my desktop. Plus I wouldn’t have to keep pulling my phone out of the holster to check my Twitter account or RSS feeds.

  24. Hope to win

  25. I already have Soti…..had it for almost a year….it’s the effin best piece of software I have ever used on a BB. I have 4 monitors in my office….and seeing my BB on one of them….and being able to control it without touching it… is absolutely priceless….

  26. I’m in

  27. I just found a place called “Printapons” where I can get my fav. restaurant coupon for 90% off!! all you have to do is just print and take it.

  28. I’m a lousy multi-tasker. Multi-tasking for me is stressfull. Not fun at all. My job as an online teacher means I have to focus all of my energy to my student every time. But you know that familiar feeling when from your peripheral vision you see the notorious blinking light of your BlackBerry. It’s irresistible. It’s a strong driving force that you just cant deny. Many times, I always give in to the pull of my Storm.

    Simply put, the opportunity to own this neat app – SOTI Pocket Controller Pro would not only solve the conflict I face 5 days a week.

    In addition, my IPhone user colleagues will have another item to droll about besides the notorious blinking light.

    Free me from my misery, BerryReview and SOTI Pocket Controller Pro.

    Please 🙂

  29. Great app.

  30. I just combine my bb with my laptop!

  31. So wonderful to controll my my bb by laptop!

  32. I want to use this app to control my 9700 with other way!

  33. I want to win one copy!

  34. pick me….

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