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BlackBerry Bold 9790 “Bellagio” Caught On Camera Alongside a Bold 9900

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We have heard about the BlackBerry Bold 9790 (codename Bellagio) a few times but now we have it on camera right next to a BlackBerry Bold 9900 thanks to the BoyGenius. The Bold 9790 is sort of an alternative to the Bold 9900 but also packs a touchscreen along with Wi-Fi, 5MP Camera, 8GB storage, NFC, & GPS. They also think it is sporting the same 1.2Ghz processor. In other words it is the middle ground between the Bold 9900 and Bold 9700 models. What do you think of it? I am wondering what niche RIM is trying to fill with this device…

BlackBerry Bold 9790  BlackBerry Bold 9790 2


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  1. The question with this device is why?

  2. Why? Tell me the 9790 doesn’t look better than the 9900…I know some people are going to say the screen size but for me, I have a laptop, a playbook, and a BB device. The playbook has replaced a lot of things I used to tolerate on my device, mostly content consumption, and the screen size between a 9790 and a 9900…the PB is so mobile it’s not an issue carrying it around. For example, I used to love reading rss feeds on my BB (I had both BeReader and GoReader) because the alternative was taking out my laptop and reading it on the web, I would fall behind all the time. Now, I’ve deleted one (auto update causing mem leaks) and logged out of the other (just in case I need an rss app) because I always have my PB.

    • Its kinda funny…at least for me, there’s an invisible line where one device takes over for the other. I do very little content production on either the PB or my 9700. I do a lot of content consumption on my PB (browsing, videos, music, rss, dropbox, etc) and less on my laptop. As for my 9700, it beats the other 2 in mobility (not often though) and makes calls. For example, when I go to the gym, my cellphone has my music and at the end, I can capture my stats by taking a picture of the display on the machine but beyond that, I’ve stopped browsing, rarely catch up on rss, don’t stream videos anymore…

    • I agree. Better design and small package that does everything a Blackberry is good at (email, calls, IM, close-up pictures :D), for the rest there are Tablets and Android phones.

      The 9900 feels awkward when held in one hand, it’s too flat and slippery.

  3. If the 9790 will have a stronger battery and a better camera than the 9900, I will definitely buy it.

  4. I know one good reason this is being made. I actually sell cell phones and the comment I get the most from girls/women looking at the new bold 9900 is that its a “man’s” phone they don’t like the fact that its bigger than other models. So perhaps its to satisfy the ladies 😉

  5. If it had the same screen as the 9900 I would be tempted, but, rumors suggest its the same resolution as the 9780/9700

  6. Ladies will like it, people who use other devices for media consumption will like it and everybody else that wants to upgrade to an OS 7 device without going Curve, Torch or retro Bold.

  7. I love my 9900 and I’m female. I definitely don’t think 9900 is a man’s phone. It tucks into the back pocket of my jeans very nicely and doesn’t make as big a bulge as my Torch. I don’t normally sit down when I have the phone tucked into my jean pocket so I’m not concern about breaking my phone. In fact there’s not a lot of room to sit with a phone in my back pocket! LOL… My female friends who have seen my 9900 loved it and didn’t think it was too big. They all love the flatness of it especially compared to their BB Curves or the 9700.

    I think this phone doesn’t have the AF like 9900 hence there is your difference. It’s not as flat so it looks like it can accommodate a regular camera. However it doesn’t say anywhere if it’ll have the HD recording capabilities etc, so perhaps they took that away from the phone…

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