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Mysterious BlackBerry Bold 9980 Pics & Video – Possible Porsche “Knight” Design?

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The rumor mill is in full force this weekend. It all started with MaxPDA posting some high res pictures of the elusive industrial design style BlackBerry Bold 9980 which was meant for exclusive buyers. The device looks like an abomination of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 but I guess that is how designers charge exorbitant prices for “art”. Then BerryCN came in with some video of the BlackBerry R47 9980 for us to ponder over making us pretty confident that its not photoshopped.

Now Bla1ze over @CrackBerry posted up some speculation that this BlackBerry R47 is an exclusive limited edition device for Porsche customers codenamed “Knight”. Who knows but you would think RIM could find other ways to capitalize on name brands. Porsche does not have the best track record when it comes to designing things other than cars…

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  1. whatever it is… its ugly and should never see the light of day… thats all I will say about this issue…lol

  2. Here is what I said over on Crackberry, Sorry to Ronnen and BBA….

    This phone is like modern art, people say modern art is fugly but people just don’t get it. Artists have moved on from the Renaissance.

    The message of this phone is hey, we’ve moved on from slabs on glass.

    Yes I too may prefer the 9930, but there is no mistake that when you pull this baby out of your pocket people are going to talk.

    I say thank God for devices like this. Honestly I’m am sick of being with so many brainwashed American’s carrying the iPhone, while at the same time they all hop in to cars that are totally individualistic. If you carry an iPhone you are brainwashed.

    Apple really is their own 1984 Ad.

    We need more phones like this to shake things up. This is a Porsche designed phone and Porsche is saying F-U to the iPhone.

    • I agree with F U to the iPhone, and am open to new designs, but still ugly 😉

    • Kiddo, I respect your opinion as always, but, art is subjective.

      A person who says this phone is ugly is not right or wrong, it is just their opinion. Just as someone who says its glorious art is not right or wrong, just their opinion

      I don’t think it has anything to do with getting it or not. Its just subjective opinion

      I do agree; however, with your view on changing the landscape and pushing boundaries. I find the slabs out there completely without inspiration and this “Knight” phone is definitely inspired.

      Just not for me!

    • Also, my guess is that this thing, if it is ever released will look a lot better than on the video. Remember this will not just have the Blackberry name on it it will have Porsche Design on it too.

      Also I’m glad to see it in China. My wife in Chinese and so I am over there often for business and for pleasure and Chinese are in LOVE with designed brands. This will really life the Blackberry image in China even if it is just a limited edition phone.

      • Agreed, this design has potential. The trackpad looks like it may be good for gaming. The keyboard could use some fine tuning with media keys on top and QNX. RIMM needs to take more risks both in hardware and software to get back on top. RIMM should have a design the next Blackberry superphone contest.

    • The 9900 is in no way a slab, but it still manages to still be a a very beautiful phone, I can not say the same about what ever that is.

  3. Agreed. Looks just like most Porsche’s. UGLYYYYYY!

  4. Not really feeling it….kinda has an old nokia vibe to it. Keyboard also seems overdone.

  5. I mean no offense. Perhaps, i’m the conservative type. This must be great to some others. However, for some reason the picture reminds me of a sign i’m sure all of us are familiar: “Keep Off the Grass” 🙂

    For what it’s worth, we all love BlackBerries. To each his own, as a saying would say.

    Have a good one fellow enthusiast!

  6. Uh doesn’t anyone recognize this? This is the rumored QNX phone that showed up in blurry pictures a few weeks ago.

  7. edges – metal – masculine

    I like it a lot! And the best thing is that all the plastic-smartphone-kiddies seems not to like it.

    another brand would say: “seperates the men from the boys”

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