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Collect App Uses Your Calendar to Easily Track Expenses

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I always love when devs come up with creative ways to do things. John pointed out to me that EcuadorBB has released Collect for BlackBerry. Its a relatively simple expense tracking app with a very cool twist. It lets you easily enter your expenses using the native BlackBerry calendar app. You simply create a new event in your calendar in their format with expense name then cost (plus or minus) and the category. It will them automatically record them in your local database.

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All in all a very cool idea though I would have liked to see some Quickbooks or at least an excel export feature. If the idea intrigues you then check out Collect in App World for $2.99.

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  1. The pizza graphic looks great, but the rest of the interface looks a tad dated. The idea is great thou, and with calendar integration, they can aim for superapp status.

    We need more devs doing that.

  2. Thanks for the review. I am the developer of Collect.

    It has export feature, you can mail the year or month summary by mail as CSV (Excel compatible) file. Also exports the graphics.

    You can customize categories keywords and even move payments or charges directly on the calendar. Its a simple concept.

    I make the app again downloadable from the App World, now its free for a trial-period of a month. Then it cost only $1.99 USD. I hope you liked and if you want to see any interesting or useful feature write me at my email [email protected].

    Thanks again

  3. Just one last thing, you could enter the expense info in any order:

    “Johny -$20 coffee” “-$20 coffee Johny” “coffee Jhony -$20”

    The same concept is used in QuickContact another simple app from EcuadorBB. This one to add Contact info right from the Universal Search screen.

    Thanks again.

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