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T-Mobile To Offer Signal Boosters to Customers Who Complain About Signal

T-Mobile signal booster T-Mobile signal booster 2

I have always said that it is really the carrier who should be pushing signal boosters or Femtocells. They should be offering them for free to any customer who will take one. Instead we have carriers charging $150+ or a monthly fee for you to have the honor of using your broadband connection to fix their service issues. T-Mobile seems to be starting to get this concept and according to a leaked document scored by TmoNews we might be seeing a solution soon.

Here is how the document describes the program:

“The signal booster is a new solution for customers that express concerns with their in home coverage. The Signal Booster is a new device that boosts T-Mobile’s 4G/3G signal throughout a home when installed.”

That’s all nice and dandy but this new device that T-Mobile is giving customers comes with some fine print:

  • Requires a two year service agreement for the line they are ordered with
  • Signal Boosters are shipped to the customer
  • Signal Boosters must be returned to customer care at the end of their service
  • There is no charge to the customer for their use
  • Signal Boosters are used as a tool to help provide customers a boost in signal

I for one would rather T-Mobile just keep on putting UMA Wi-Fi calling into all their BlackBerrys. That is universal and works with any router even if you are travelling internationally!

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  1. It amazes me the carriers are so blind to the economics of providing free femtocells. They would buy in bulk and get a ridiculous low price per unit. They make HUGE reductions in required tower capacity and backhaul and power use, especially in dense population zones.

    And even better than the economics, they make their customers MUCH happier.

    Just imagine what an LTE coverage map would look like today if Verizon had given away free femtocells starting a year ago…!!!

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