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Openwave Decides to Sue RIM & Apple Over Five Ridiculous Patents

Dilbert patents 

Patent trolling continues to gain steam with a new lawsuit from Openwave against RIM & Apple. At first you would think Openwave was a technology company but it seems like they are banking on their patents since everything else is not working for them. AllThingsD managed to boil down the five patents Openwave is suing RIM and Apple over and you really have to read them to see what I mean:

  • Patent #6,289,212 “generally allows a user to use e-mail applications on a mobile device when the network is unavailable – such as when a user is on an airplane.”
  • Patent #6,233,608 “relates to cloud computing.” The company said the patent for instance “enables data to be accessed or shared by different devices such as mobile handsets or computers.”
  • Patent #6,405,037 “allows access to updated versions of applications on mobile devices.”
  • Patent #6,430,409 “allows the mobile device to operate seamlessly, and securely, with a server over a wireless network.”
  • Patent #6,625,447 “allows consumers to experience an improved user experience in navigating through various pages of information without delay.”

They supposedly reached out to RIM and Apple to get them to pay up for these patents and here is what they had to say about getting stonewalled:

Openwave CEO Ken Denman: “Before filing these complaints, we approached both of these companies numerous times in an attempt to negotiate a license of our technology with them and did not receive a substantive response. In the end, litigation is the only way we can defend our rights against these large companies that have effectively refused to license the use of the technologies we invented.”

Yes these guys invented using email offline or accessing updated applications. Better yet they also invented navigating pages without delay…

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  1. I think I will file a patent on using the bathroom. Then I can sue everyone bahahahahaha.

  2. They are not wrong. The people that allowed the to “copyright” those “inventions” are!

    I’ll file a patent for psting comens on forums! And sue every blog reader around the world!

  3. They have to know this isn’t going to go anywhere. Apple and RIM have the legal teams to shut them down, so this is just a waste of everyone’s time…

    • The other company managed to shake off $500 million from RIM, so I guess these guys think they can shake off $1 billion from 2 sources?

      Really, the patent is ridiculous. “Allows access to updated applications?” What the hell? If my tamagotchi gets a firmware update, does that mean Bandai infringed a patent?

      Idiocy at its best

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