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US DOJ Sues AT&T to Block T-Mobile Acquisition for Antitrust Issues


The hammer has fallen. It looks like the US Department of Justice was not as easily swayed by AT&T. AT&T has been trying to argue how their acquisition of T-Mobile would help customers even though everybody knows that is more or less a joke. Bloomberg is reporting that the Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against AT&T in Washington federal court saying that AT&T’s takeover of T-Mobile would violate antitrust law. Here is the gist:

“AT&T’s elimination of T-Mobile as an independent, low- priced rival would remove a significant competitive force from the market”

Say it aint so! AT&T’s shares are crashing on the news especially since AT&T would have to pay T-Mobile $3 billion cash and $4 billion in deals if the acquisition falls through. Let us know what side you are on?

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  1. Let’s just see how long it takes for Washington to put this in writing so AT&T can get the picture

  2. As a long-time T-Mobile customer, I want competition in the GSM space within the US market. Definitely against the acquisition.

  3. YESSSS!!!! Stop AT&T from wrecking my network!

  4. Haha 7 billion in deals and cash. Maybe I will finally get 3G from T-Mobile. Greedy AT & T..

  5. It’s about time somebody put a stop to this merger. It doesn’t take much to figure out AT&T will just use this as a way to dig deeper in our wallets. They already block the Bridge Browser. We’re paying for our data. Let us use it where we want to. Don’t charge us twice for the same data just because we want it on our tablets.

  6. This is REALLY good news. I do not see how this merger will help competition. I HATE ATT and I hope they pay out of their bums for this. They will wreck T-Mobile and charge even more.

  7. IMHO t-mobile has much better customer service and more attractive plan pricing. Why on earth would I want this merger? I find it laughable that AT&T would try to convince the public that this would be good for consumers. I just hope t-mo will use the cash to up their speed and coverage.

  8. T-Mobile has by far the BEST customer service hands-down. ATT has the worst! I can’t believe that they even block BB Bridge. TMO did not.

  9. 😀 I knew this would happen!! Being an economist it was obvious to me, I couldn’t beleive when the media and other talking heads started talking about this like it already happened. Haha AT&T even if they get it in the end I’m glad they are going to have to pay their lawyers millions of dollars to defend this. HAHAHAHAH!!!

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