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T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900 Now Available for $299 With Contract

T-Mobile customers you can now order the BlackBerry Bold 9900 at $299 price with a new 2 year contract or contact extension. The price jumps to $599.99 with no contract. I really don’t see this device selling out through T-mobile with that price, specially when customers have other devices that offer similar specs and appeal at a much lower price. I can see only the BlackBerry fans buying it but not the customer who is shopping for the best price, and options.

Let us know if you plan on buying the 9900 or are you planning on waiting until the price drops?

You can head over to T-mobile page at this LINK.

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  1. Idiotic pricing, but perhaps this indicates Bold’s really are selling like hot cakes!

  2. Also love the hour glass… not! Yes I do see it on OS7 for like a split second here and there but I think the screen shot is kinda a cheap shot.

  3. What the heck $300 for a phone. I rather spend $300 more and get a $600 unlocked phone, if I am spending that much. Ridiculous!

    Guys wait and watch, the price will drop in coming months. I would say it may even go for $99 for 2 year contract. Just wait for sometime…

  4. Just bought mine at the local T-Mobile store. And interestingly enough, the guy ahead of me in line was also upgrading from a 9700 to a 9900.

    Yes, the price is a bit insane, but I’m sick and tired of the resource constraints of the 9700 on OS6. Also, over the lifetime of the phone, the handset price is actually small in comparison to the cost of the service.

  5. Still no 9850/60 what is these carriers doing

  6. According to T-Mobile’s spec page for their 9900, the T-Mobile 9900 includes At&T’s frequencies: 850 and 1900 MHZ. See T-Mobile Support Community:

    Can anyone with an unlocked T-Mobile 9900 please drop an AT&T SIM card in their phone and see if they get a AT&T 3G signal on their T-Mobile 9900?


    • RIMs product page clearly differentiates between the versions if you go to the bottom left and click carrier networks

      • Ronen, on Blackberry’s home page, I do not see a link to carrier network’s on the bottom left. Could you provide a link please?

        On Blackberry’s 9900 page, there is no listing for an AT&T 9900 (presumably because it is not released.)

        From the Blackberry’s page, when I select T-Mobile’s 9900, it takes me to T-Mobile’s website for the 9900 and in that listing, it is showing me that the T-Mobile 9900 supports 850 and 1900 MHz networks, which are the frequencies AT&T uses.

        The only reason I am asking this is because I am an AT&T customer and really want a 9900. If for some odd reason I can get an AT&T 3G signal on a T-Mobile 9900, I will buy one today.

  7. Is it possible to unlock it before the expiration of the 2 year contract?

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