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Mike Kirkup Resigns As Sr. Director of Developer Relations

This came as a big surprise for us who have had the pleasure of meeting Mike Kirkup at different events over the past few years. He is usually one of the familiar faces we get to chat with during conferences. Today we learned that he is resigning as Sr. Director of Developer Relations at RIM. Mike posted his announcement over at his Blog.

Kevin from CB reached out to him about the reasons for the resignation. From his words he is not leaving for another company but simply taking a break to plan his next move, and spend time with family. To read the full interview head over to CB at this LINK

Here at Berryreview we wish him the best, and am sure we will be hearing about him in the future.

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  1. We wish him well.

    We also wish him developing apps for BlackBerry. He does have the time now (and no conflict of interest!).

  2. He is going to work at a developer firm. Less work and more pay. With the contacts he has accumulated should be an easy task.

    Good luck to him.

    I think its very telling that all the areas that rim has been lacking in are getting new heads.

    Developer relations has not been stellar… New guycoming in

    Social media marketting sucked…. New guy coming in…

    Moving awway from java… Java guy leaves.. Qnx guys come in…

    Rim is revamping everything… Come next this time rim will look nice and fresh with new ideas at the helm.

    • I disagree with you on the developer relations bit. RIM has made a lot of progress these past months and if it’s thanks to him, then kuddos.

      • lol… past few months…

        what about the past few years!!!

        This guy didn’t start working there a few months ago!

        They are only turning it around because QNX is easier to develop on.

        There are still reports that the developer relations are still difficult even though they have a platform easily accessible to people….

  3. I read of his resignation on CB and wish him the best of luck in the future. He really had a meteoric rise in Rim. He started with them in 2007 I think he said. And in four years he made director. That’s saying a lot about the guy’s commitment and work ethics (workaholic) and I know you can’t work that way forever (from personal experience), you’ll burn out super fast. He deserves the time off. He looks like a relatively young guy, probably wanting to be more involved in his family and that is important. If he’s as good as everyone says then he’ll no doubt show up. It seems to me that software development is still a relatively small field and you soon get to know everyone.

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