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Free Weather App From The Weather Network – Replaces WeatherEye?

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The Weather Network used to call their BlackBerry App WeatherEye for years and still seems to on App World. On the other hand Don let us know that they have released a new app that is very similar called “The Weather Network” which has been updated to v2.5 compared to WeatherEye which is sitting at 2.4.6. Both were updated in August which further confuses things.

Either way you can pick up the free Weather Network app in App World with these features:

  • Detailed weather conditions, Short term, hourly and Long Term forecast
  • Severe Weather alerts (Canada and USA)
  • Sat/Radar Maps
  • Data in Celsius or Fahrenheit, Metric or Imperial\
  • City auto-locate using GPS coordinates (OS 6 only)
  • Set home screen icon to auto-locate (OS 6 only) or Saved city (any OS)
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  1. And what exactly is different?

    I use BlackBerry Travel for that thou. RIM made apps are becoming must haves if you ask me…

  2. I have always loved weathereye. It hit a rough patch several months ago with horrible updates but they seemed to have fized the bugs. Gonna download 2.5 nowm..

  3. Despite there inaccurate description, the difference seems to be that the new one is 7.0+ only.

  4. After using WeatherEye for the past 3 years, they lost me a month ago with there completely unstable upgrades. The app started freezing, auto locate did work, desktop icon wouldn’t update, crashes.

    Then I got a Bold 9900 running OS7 and the new updates ran the app sideways, caused it to startup by itself, took away daily forecasts and just made it unbearable. I eventually got tired of updating and got BeWeather. Not free, but it worked.

  5. Doesn’t seem too bad of a replacement

  6. Wonder why they branched out into a new release for OS7? Hope it’s better than the WeatherEye version… that has seen better days unfortunately.

  7. Gave up on it and now have Berry Weather and it’s great for me.

  8. I’ve been running WeatherEye since I first got my Bold 9000. I have liked it fine but since moving to a 9800 have had the same issues with WEye reported above. I’ve stuck it out and have been generally happy with 2.4.6. The autolocate function works great. My only beef is that for non-major locals, the desktop icon reports conditions but doesn’t give the snazzy illustrated icon. Does the new “The Weather Network” app do a better job presenting illustrated homescreen icons?

  9. Well I just went to grab this new app with the scan code but now understand as stated above THIS IS AN OS7 ONLY APP! Let’s not discard those of use with devices in our households running OS5 and OS6!

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