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Rumored QNX BlackBerry Images Leaked? We Have Our Doubts!

QNX-phone-leakThis is probably going to make you say that can’t be right! Which is the way I am leaning on this latest image that might be the rumored QNX BlackBerry. The image honestly looks pretty ugly at this point, which make me think they are either fake, or a nock-off device as we have seen many knock-off BlackBerry devices before.  Other rumors suggest that the first QNX device will be an all touch screen. This new image has a full QWERTY keyboard and a the traditional four buttons below the screen.  Hopefully this is not what we see released or the device looks a lot better later down the road. But for now we have our doubts whether this is the first QNX powered BlackBerry Smartphone. If it is true maybe we will see some higher resolution images soon. Let us know what you make of this in the comments below.

 UPDATE: A clearer image shows the device is a FAKE after all. Check the image below.

Source: Maxpda Via: BlackBerry Empire

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  1. That looks so fake. RIM has nice hardware design; this looks like a huge step back.

  2. There is absolutely no way that phone is a real BlackBerry. The keyboard is WRONG!!! They have perfected the art of the keyboard and that just ain’t perfection. People can say what they want about BlackBerries, but they aren’t ugly and that is one ugly phone.

    • The keyboard was the first thing I noticed. It’s nothing like a Blackberry keyboard. I doubt this is real or even a bogus case on a prototype. My guess is they would hide it in a Storm or touchscreen Torch case.

  3. You guys have your doubts as much as you want… I am positive that’s not a BlackBerry.

  4. Totally fake! Well I hope so! That phone looks ugly, has poor design and is not revolutionary. And what about the color? Silver color makes it look old fashioned! I believe that RIM will take everything they need to bring us an awesome QNX device. I really hope so!

  5. Not a BlackBerry.

  6. Did anybody of you thought on the fact that no smartphone maker would put the hardware design together with the rest of the phone on a ultra confidential pre-release device at an early development state. The hardware “under the hood” could be the real “colt” device – neither could it be. True is on thing: That pictured device is _not_ the device you’ll buy at your favorite store. =)

    • That’s what I am thinking. Its possible that the internals are next gen but that device looks too fugly to be a next gen bb.

      The colt will take design cues from the playbook

  7. this fail wreaks of fail!

  8. No not a BB. Even if prototype they need it to fit into some kind of BB form factor to see how the components “fit under the hood”.

    You can’t very well stick a Ferrari engine in a Pinto… seriously! Or if I’m dating myself, I’ll rephrase and say you can’t stick a Ferrari engine in a Toyota Corolla.

  9. Can’t lie…That is one ugly device!

  10. Hope its fake or just a test mule RIM is using to test out QNX as a phone OS and is not representative of a retail product.

  11. Oh boy here we go again, these guys act like they cant wait they have to throw something fake to get traffic or attention.

  12. I hope the new QNX blackberry looks like the torch with a big touch screen and a keyboard pls pls!

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