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Lemma a Free Open Source Twitter Client For the PlayBook

If you are not satisfied or want more options for PlayBook twitter clients here is a new one called Lemma. The application is free and offers quite a few options. The creators also said they created the app as a proof of concept to show the PlayBook potential. They promise to release the source code so that the BlackBerry development community can keep improving the app. So far the app has received good reviews from PlayBook users.

The app takes a different approach compared to other Twitter clients with a menu bar at the bottom of the application.

About the app from the developer:

Like all side projects started by developers, the genesis of the idea for Lemma for the BlackBerry PlayBook sprung from my personal desire to use Twitter as a news service of sorts; I follow hundreds of accounts categorized into ten topic areas via lists. Thus, Lemma was originally developed to meet the following specifications:

  • To bring an easy-to-read Twitter experience to the BlackBerry PlayBook, utilizing the tablet’s 7-inch display to the maximum;
  • To allow heavy-duty users to quickly sort and navigate accounts they follow using lists;
  • And to provide a proof of concept / useful code examples to the BlackBerry WebWorks development community.

Because of the relative immaturity of the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK at the current time (August 2011) does not allow for the responsiveness and error-free operation that I personally feel are required of a paid product, I submitted Lemma to BlackBerry App World as a free download.

So, what’s next for Lemma? I’ve left the impetus to make further improvements in the hands of the WebWorks development community, as the source code now resides in the public domain. I’ll likely remain active in the role of overall administrator of the program, but active development has now ceased.

I hope that you like Lemma, and that the lessons I’ve learned in writing it help and inform others. Enjoy!

Sully Syed (@sullysyed)

You can download the application at this link from app world and if you are a developer visit the official website at this link to find out more incase you would like to contribute to the future of this application.

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  1. Not a bad app considering its free. Kinda excited to see what people can do with it.

  2. I agree. Pretty good. Not many options, but pulls your lists in very well. smooth. simple ui.

  3. I like open source, so it’s a great idea to publish this PlayBook Twitter APP Open Source.
    But OSS isn’t a free ticket 😉
    So I like the idea and I’m sure the sources will help WebWorks developers to develop for PlayBook and that’s a good thing. But I don’t like the UI and navigation, which is the core architecture of an APP.
    For PlayBook APPs menu should be swiping down from top, and there should also be easy navigation buttons (plus gestures) to navigate.
    At the moment (from my POV) the best Twitter APPs for PB are Blaq and TweetBook – both provide a better “feeling”.
    If someone only needs a simple Twitter APP to view tweets and to send simple text messages, then Lemma is OK. Otherwise I would recommand Blaq or TweetBook – yes I know they’re not free.
    What I’m missing from Twitter APPs for PlayBook:
    * live timeline updates with notifications at top-left
    * visually marking unread messages (like Nambu for OSX)
    I’m not a WebWorks Developer, so I don’t know what’s possible with WW at PB. (I’m waiting and hoping for a QNX-based new Java SDK 😉

  4. Not bad. Kinda wishing twitter for blackberry could look like that

  5. still needs a lot of work but shows promise

  6. I disagree with the comments made about webworks regarding responsiveness. You can have very smooth scrolling if you use the right libraries. WebWorks is not more sluggish than AIR.
    And yes it’s not error-free, but no ‘SDK’ is perfect. The biggest problem is the lack of QNX API access.

    I think that the biggest problem with this app is the way the different views are laid out. It’s been built for a phone, not a tablet.

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