Review: MEElectronics HT-21 On Ear Headphones


A couple months ago, I posted a review of MEElectronics’ famous M9 in ear headphones with built in microphone. This month I had a chance to test out the HT-21 Headphones. They’re kind of an in between model. They’re not in ear and they’re not over-ear; they’re on-ear. Or “supra-aural” as the experts at MEE like to put it. They sit comfortably on your ears and, as you can see above, fold in on themselves. This saves space and allows you to put them in the included drawstring storage bag for easy transport between music-blasting sessions. Keep reading to find out how to get an exclusive discount on high quality products from MEElectronics.


I wasn’t so sure about the over-ear design at first, but I really like it for long-term wear. Even with well-fitting in-ear headphones I’ve found that its tough to wear them for a long time comfortably.


Here’s a great description of the HT-21’s found on their website:

Enjoy powerful bass along with class leading clarity and a spacious presentation, extreme comfort, and the convenience of a single cable and folding headband. The supra-aural design (ear cups rest on your ears) uses ear cups that swivel to fit the shape of your head/ears and a padded, lightweight, adjustable headband that is comfortable for long term wear. The cable is designed without a split, connecting only to the left ear cup, eliminating cable tangle and frustration. Sound leakage is reduced due to the closed back design of the ear cups, so you won’t disturb your neighbors like an open backed headphone. Travel with a headphone has never been easier, as the headband folds and the ear cups swivel into a compact size perfect for storage and travel during those rare occasions you will not be listening to the HT-21.

  • Spacious, clear sound with deep and enhanced bass
  • Closed back design offers isolation and keeps the sound from disturbing your neighbors
  • Headband is adjustable to fit different sized heads
  • Ear cups swivel for comfort
  • Single cable (on the left ear cup) eliminates tangling
  • Ear cups fold in flat and into the headband for easy storage
  • Soft pouch included for storage and transport when not in use


MEElectronics has been having a really tough time keeping this model in stock. They just received a shipment and sold out immediately afterwards.

They have been gracious enough to provide a discount code for all of our readers for 20% ANY purchase at The discount is exclusive of any other promotions. Here’s the code: BERRYREVIEW. Now go get yourself some quality headphones!

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