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Reminder: Win a BlackBerry 7 Smartphone in Our August Rewards Contest!

Circle of BlackBerrys

The month of August is coming to a close with BlackBerry 7 devices dominating the news. If you were looking for a way to win one of these BlackBerry 7 devices then this is your chance. You can win the BlackBerry 7 of your choice (When available) or a $500 Amazon/PayPal gift certificate! That includes the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930, BlackBerry Torch 9810, or the BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860. Read on for the details!

All you have to do to enter the BerryReview Rewards Contest for August is simply leave a comment, forum post, and/or tip submission during the month of August 2011. We are also including all “Retweets” of BerryReview articles on Twitter as extra entries to win! The selection process involves us choosing a finalist from each of the categories (comments, forum posts, tips, Retweets) and then having our judge select the winner out of those four. Every comment, forum post, Retweet, and/or tip submission counts as another entry so get cracking!

You must be registered and logged in to BerryReview when leaving comments for them to be included in the contest and the winner will be chosen by the BerryReview staff in the beginning of September 2011. You can check out all the details and official rules in the announcement post. If you have any questions comments leave a comment on that post.

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So what are you waiting for? Get cracking!

53 total comments on this postSubmit your comment!
  1. 9860… 😀

    Can’t wait.

  2. No time to play in the forum so I gotz to rely on my tweets! No matter what some luck fan is gonna get happy happy!

  3. Got my fingers crossed!

  4. great phone!
    all that i was expected

  5. Would love to win any blackberry 7, they are all excellent mobiles and look beautiful. Can’t wait to have one.

  6. Count me in 9930 all the way!

  7. good luck all!

  8. I am more than ready for a new BlackBerry 7, sign me up. Thank you thank you.

  9. I want a 9860 T.T

  10. I hope hope hope i win win win a Blackberry 7 device in this contest. I would love it and care for it and call it George.

  11. Really want a Torch 2!

  12. would love a 9900!!

  13. 9860n for the wifey!

  14. The new phones all look great. It will be tough to decide which one I want.

  15. Would be REALLY COOL to have

  16. Blackberries keep getting better and better! The Blackberry 9000 was a game changer. the 9900 takes the 9000 to a whole new level. I am looking forward to owning a new Blackberry 9900 Bold….Sweet!

  17. I would love to win one…Please

  18. i’m in trouble, what is “perfect for my?
    Torch 9810 or 9850
    I’ like all!!!

  19. Seriously want to win this!!! GoodLuck everybody!!

  20. Why is this contest only open to US and Canadian members who contribute a post?

    I’m in Australia – why isn’t Aus included + other countries???

    • Why did you think it was only US and Canada?

      • Hi Ronen – I went to the Rules for the comp and this is what it says:

        ELIGIBILITY: The Giveaway is open to all residents of the U.S. and Canada who are 18 years or older as of the beginning of each contest. Residents of other locations may participate in the Giveaway but no guarantee is made on eligibility for winning which will be decided on a case by case basis once a winner is selected. This Giveaway is void where prohibited, taxed, or restricted by law.

  21. I would really love the Torch 9850/9860 to replace my Storm 2 9550 : ) Fingers crossed!

  22. OMG!! excitement…..

  23. awesome! bold to upgrade my bold (verizon) please. thank you!

  24. wish i can win it !!!! plz send it to Australia

  25. …not enough O’s in “cool” to describe how awesome it would be to win a new Blackberry 7 phone!


  27. I am very excited about this giveaway, because today I lost power because of Irene. If it wasnt for my blackberry 9780 and my playbook connected with the bridge application, my kids would have gone crazy. But VeVo and youtube movies I have a new found love for them.

  28. A good competition as always.

  29. Hope I win it. I needa ne BB

  30. Nice contest! I hope to be a winner :)

  31. I would love to win the 9810. I own a 9800 but I’m not eligible to upgrade until January.

  32. My 9810 died, back to my old 8310… life’s in the slow lane (not eligible for an upgrade till June 2012)..

    This would make a great update


  33. i’d love to win a 9900!!!

  34. Good luck to all. I’d love to get my hands on one of the new phones.

  35. would totally love to win this. count me in!!! Thanks Berryreview. Great contest.

  36. Man would it ever be nice to win one of these new phones.

  37. combine blackberry’s amazing keypads win the new touch based os7 just take these phone to a whole new level. this is the rebirth of blackberry for RIM.

  38. By combine blackberry’s amazing keypads with the new touch based blackberry os7, takes these phones to a whole new level. This is the rebirth of blackberry for RIM.

  39. BerryReview need to be known by everybody.

  40. I absolutely neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to win!

  41. How privilege it be if I’ve a chance to be a winner of this particular contest? Good luck to all

  42. great contest… as always.

  43. Can’t Wait

  44. OMG I would love to win…BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860

  45. Sigh times almost up. Still I hope and pray!

  46. Am just not doing this for me but for this site too. Thankyou

  47. I REAALLLY REAALLLLY WANT THE NEW BLACKBERRY BOLD 9900 OR THE 9930 CUZ THEY LOOOK AND SEEM VERY SIMILAR. AND I RLLLYYY WANT THIS PHONE BECAUSE I REALLY HAD WISHED FOR THIS kind of PHONE FOR AGES I REALY HATE my phone that i have now which is the blackberry curve 9300 i hate my phone cuz i hate the keyboard as it is too looud when you r typing and i really hate the spaceing between all of the buttons. the curve 9300 is a phone i didnt want in the first place i totally regret getting it but i never got a bold because they were out of my price range for the phone alone at the time. but the 9900 looks totally like a really goood long lasting phone i could really love it for a long time and not get tired of it.

    so please i really want this phone because i desperately want one its so cool with the touch screen and the new blackberry OS 7 and i love how RIM “re-invented” the old/first blackberry bold 9000 into the new 9900/9930 which had the most amazing design. i think this blackberry is just so cool and stylish and i would love to have it in my hands so badly and its awsome how it is in the new 4G network and the backing of the new bold looks amazingly sleek and thin and i love that it has Face detection and Image Stabilization and a 5mp camera and the bold totally fits my personality as i am a Bold kind of person
    so please Crackberry i would louve the new bold 9900 or 9930. and thank you for having this amazing contest. And i hope this contest is open for Canadians as i am in Canada !!!! aha oh yep it is swweeet im canadian ;p

    And if i got this phone i could totally brag to my friends and totally get all my friends to buy a blackberry cuz blackberries are likke off the hook aha made a joke their !!
    and unlike the iphones …. blackberries have removeable batteries, expandable memory, iphone doesnt have BBM (enough said about the BBM, iphone doesnt have MMS or SMS, iphones dont have different models and designs which make them boring, and blackberries have a blackberry for everyone like their is a blackberry for a certain personality and like a thousand more reasons !!!

    the BlackBerry is a phone, email, sms, organizer, address book, arcade, media player, picture taker, navigator, chat messenger, calculator, alarm clock, best friend and more all-in-one device. who can go wrong with that. the standard games that come with the blackberry such as the on and only Brickbreaker, word mole, suduko etc… is awsome most phones on have like a lil trial thing where u try the game then u have to like buy it blackbbery just gives it to the blackberry users most of the blackberry’s are lightweight they are a perfect fit to your pocket. The expandable memory is amazing on the blackberrys

    sooo pleeaaasseee pleaaaseee pleaassee ee Crackberry I rllyyyy rlyyy rlllyyyy rlllly wannna have that blackberry bold 9900 or the 9930 because they seem just as good blackberrys they both have an amaazzzinng design and features and specifications on the 2 blackberry’s

    aha blackberrys are phones ….. they are blackberrys … you cant rllly call a blackberry a phone its so not natural ahahhahahahhah I want the bolld 9900 or 9930

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