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Let SugarSync Know You Want a PlayBook App Now!


Its no big secret that I am a big fan of SugarSync. They made my day earlier this week by adding folder sync to their BlackBerry smartphone app but there is a major hole in their BlackBerry support. They currently do not have an app for the BlackBerry PlayBook and their website seems to act up for some PlayBook users. I reached out to SugarSync to see what they had to say about PlayBook support.

SugarSync got back to us and let us know that they are still monitoring how the market reacts to the PlayBook and if they see enough demand they will develop an app. You want to know how to show SugarSync that there is demand for it? Request a PlayBook app in this thread on their forums. SugarSync told us they keep a close eye on their forums and it influences their feature development decisions.

About SugarSync’s website acting up in the PlayBook browser they have been getting mixed messages. According to many customers the browser experience works fine (I would say about 90% in my experience) but some users have expressed complaints. SugarSync does not have any timelines but they are researching the issue and are investigation how they can optimize their website for the PlayBook.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to make your voice heard in the SugarSync forums.

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  1. I already did on twitter. I pest them about it everytime a cloud app launches for the PlayBook..

    Silly of them, really…

  2. Sugar sync, show the PlayBook so.e love.

  3. Not secure enough…just like Dropbox

    Here is where you can ask for a Playbook app for:
    Spideroak: Select the ‘User Forums’ item in the SpiderOak application

  4. Good Luck.

    From my dealing with these people they are a bunch of a-holes.

    Monitoring the market…. sheesh, just write your apps in HTML5 and market them easy to work with anything.

    I don’t know that much about security, so I don’t put sensitive stuff out there, but Drop Box works fine for me and we’ve had an App on the playbook from day one.

    Instead of asking SugarSync to get off their fat asses and develop and app I say do what I did and tell the to go take a flying F.

    • Haha…that is indeed some bitterness. Seriously though, it is a bit lame if you ask me…I feel like there was someone who was playing the same “we’re watching the market” card…oh well, yeah. Lame.

  5. Currently there are only 31 comments requesting a SugarSync app. Is that the best we can do? This is about more than just one app. If SugarSync develops a Playbook app then we’re more likely to see their competitors developing apps. The more apps being developed the more vibrant the platform becomes and the more apps get developed. C’mon, let’s get going here.

  6. I’m getting my playbook tomorrow and i’d want this over contacts, calendar and e-mail!

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