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BBM Music Feature & Functionality Walkthrough in Screenshots

BBM Music96BBM Music994

As I mentioned before I have really been enjoying BBM Music. I am not ready to do a full review but I thought I would share a ton of screenshots of the app since very few people have access so far. Let us know if you have any questions about the features shown off in the screenshots and I will have somebody answer to the best of our knowledge.

BBM Music99992 BBM Music9 

BBM Music1 BBM Music2

BBM Music3 BBM Music4

BBM Music5 BBM Music6

BBM Music7 BBM Music8 

BBM Music91  BBM Music93

BBM Music94 BBM Music95 

BBM Music97 BBM Music98

BBM Music99 BBM Music991

BBM Music992 BBM Music993 

BBM Music995 BBM Music996

BBM Music997 BBM Music998

BBM Music999 BBM Music9991

BBM Music9992 BBM Music9993

BBM Music9994 BBM Music9995

BBM Music9996 BBM Music9997

BBM Music9998 BBM Music9999

BBM Music99991

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  1. Looks cool, let’s hope they’ll let you add more songs to your personal library. 50 isn’t much for some people.

    And isn’t this thing under NDA? 😀

  2. its pretty cool actually. I dont think I would buy it because I’m cheap but it’s fun. It’d be nice to have a shortcut from BBM to BBM Music though.

    • If you go into a friend’s profile, there’s a BBM button right there. If they’re in your BBM list already, it takes you right to it, otherwise it will ask if you want to add the contact to your BBM.

  3. I think the largest flaw is that the app just doesn’t really have a point if you don’t have a bunch of bbm contacts that use it…

  4. does anyone know how to download this beta version? it’s not in the beta zone. so i’m wondering how “testers” already have this.

  5. i agree with you papped. also, another flaw is paying for it. why not use the songs you already have on your phone and trade that way?

    • Well, i understand the paying for it. It’s essentially like the PRO service of Slacker or Pandora. No ads and you can play what you want, skip, resume, next, etc.

      If you do all of that without ads there has to be a revenue source somewhere.

  6. true, for premium service that makes sense. i guess because i’m an avid music listener i have over 3,000 songs on my blackberry that i would/could share with my contacts, its a lot more to share than 50

    • It’s call DRM. While RGonzales23 you may have all your songs legitimately (or not ;-)) once you start sharing that music with your friends via a social network like BBM you are violating the DRM. By subscribing you’re also paying the artists etc their DRMs. It’s one thing to buy the CD and lend it to a friend(s) quite another when you start to share it on a broader basis.

  7. As I’ve said before, it looks nice…..but I have a couple of problems with it:

    1. I don’t need another music service (already rocking 2)

    2. A music service only for your Blackberry makes no sense to me.

    To each his own I guess, but for me it would be a waste of money. I honestly think RIM should have partnered with Amazon MP3 and done some serious integration with it and Amazon checkout for all sorts of BB transactions.

  8. good point snow. also Blackberry Radio…..what happened there? RIM could have integrated amazonmp3 with bb-radio & bbm somehow

  9. It’s a really nice app, I’m enjoying if for the time. I also don’t see myself paying a subscription.

  10. they shouldve done a free version with ads and a non ad version for 5 bucks a month.

  11. I believe BBM music can really take off if they do the following:

    1. Offer paid and non paid versions – (with ads).

    2. Make it a $4.99 a yearly subscription.

    3. Heavily promote the service through commercials and blogs.

    4. Offer BBM music contacts such as the Black Eyed Peas ( they could add samples of upcoming songs) and other celebrities.

  12. This is quite a cool concept however it is very easy just sending music via BlackBerry Messenger rather than downloading this app. Also being able to search through others’ playlists is not really something that will attract people. The song you want are easily downloadable rather than going through somebody’s playlist and picking some but I mean anything to compete with iMessage, right?
    BlackBerry all the way 🙂

  13. Hmmmm…. This thing just bricked my phone. Are you all on 7?

  14. Sounds interesting, I’ll wait and see how it develops, look forward to your review.
    thank you

  15. I Understand it when you put it that way, thanks PBForever.

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