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Android Copyright Notice Now in Latest BlackBerry OS Leak?

UPDATE: Bla1ze pointed out that this might be related to the new BBJapanese fonts in BlackBerry OS 7. The odd thing is I am running a 9930 on Verizon and it has those fonts in the official .254 OS and it does not have this copyright notice…

Android Copyright BlackBerry 7 Leak 2 Android Copyright BlackBerry 7 Leak

Here is a new head scratcher. Amir pointed out to us that the latest leak of OS on the BlackBerry Torch 9810 includes an interesting new copyright notice in the “About Device Versions” settings page. If you go to the 4th page of that you will see a new copyright notice that was not there before crediting the “Android Open Source Project” with all their rights reserved. We have seen RIM add in these sorts of copyright notices before for WebKit, fonts, and even the new Qualcomm snapdragon processor but where does Android come in? Maybe RIM is using some of their source code in some part of BlackBerry 7? If so why start putting the notice in later builds?

Some might even take it far enough to speculate that some part of Android might be making its way to BlackBerry 7 but who knows… Let us know if you spot anything else or if you have some fun speculation (or conspiracy theories) to add!

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  1. It’s because of the font used.. Droid Japanese is one of those said fonts and as such, they need to make note of it in the EULA.

  2. That screen was there in the .340 leak as well, my guess is it’s for the 3D rollercoaster game. We need 20 or 30 more games like that one in App World!

  3. Speculation: Android App Player for OS7.

    Fact: This Amir guy has some sharp eyes for stuff…

  4. I think it’s fair at this point of confusion, time will tell…

    P.S.: The fonts have been around the official 9810 ATT OS release btw.

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