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Lost and Recovered My PlayBook on a Flight

IMG-20110819-00160Some of you may know this already if not, I recently got married to my wonderful wife Janett. On the way back from the honeymoon we were in a bit of a rush to get out of the plane to catch our connecting flight, I grabbed my carry-on and forgot my PlayBook on the backseat compartment. I normally never let go of the PlayBook like that but this time I completely forgot about it until it was almost time to board the connecting flight. I checked with the American Airline personnel if somebody had turned it in but no luck so I was getting used to the idea it was lost. I had quite a few family pictures on it that we had taken during the trip so I was a bit disappointed at myself for leaving it there. Usually we hear horror stories of bad service, and a sad ending to the story…… I decided to tell this story because it is BlackBerry related and has a good ending to it.

Luckily I place my BerryReview business card on the inside casing I have on the PlayBook. I was not expecting this but the next day at 7am I had a call from Michael at American Airlines letting me know that they had my BlackBerry PlayBook. I gave them my shipping address and asked them to bill me for the shipping. Within two days I had my PlayBook on hands.  Not sure whether somebody turned it in or the crew found it, but I am grateful for their service and returning my device.  The device can be replace but all the stuff I had stored in it was not which is why I was really lucky to get it back and a big thanks to AA for doing so.

So one reason why it easy to recover my PlayBook was the fact that my case has pockets for business cards, and I had placed my BerryReview cards inside. Another good thing is to keep it password locked. Without a password anyone who finds it can easily access all your data in it.  But the first thing would be simply not forgetting it, ;).

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  1. Congratulations on the marriage both of you!

    And this is yet another example why we NEED a SugarSync app for the PlayBook. :/

  2. Awesome story man…..I would have been in tears had I lost my Playbook. So congrats on getting it back….also congrats on getting married. 😀

  3. Great story, congratulations for your marriage, and congratulations for your travelling boomerang playbook as well.

  4. That’s crazy Luis! I better slip some business cards into the Otterbox somewhere. 🙂

  5. Clearly it was the BR business card…you need to make those available to us members…”BR Member” lol And congrats to you and your wife Luis!

  6. Amazing! Especially when you consider that it’s often really difficult to recover things left behind on an airplane. Kudos to American Airlines and their employees!

  7. Of course it was the BR cards. Had it said CB it probably would’ve been stolen. And then someone would’ve wrote First on it! 😉 Congrats and glad you got it back.

  8. Good to hear the happy result!

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