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Analyst “Guess-timates” US BlackBerry 7 Sales are “Healthy”

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I always love financial analysts and their pseudo-statistical-science extrapolations. The one we get to write about often is Mike Abramsky who is the managing directory of global technology research for RBC Capital Markets. According to the Financial Post, Abramsky checked with 40 retail stores in the US to see what their stock of the new BlackBerry Torch (9810? or 9850?) and BlackBerry Bold (9930) to see what things look like 2 days after they went on sale on August 21st. For some reason he glossed over Verizon and their Bold 9930 launch on August 15th… Here is what he reported back:

“On the one hand, sell through of the Torch 2 at AT&T appears light, with no sell-outs (similarity with the existing Torch could explain why). On the other hand, sell through of the Bold 9930 and full touchscreen Torch 9850 at Sprint appears healthy, with 20% of stores sold out of the Bold 9930, reflecting its novelty/popularity.”

So in other words the Bold 9930 is doing well on Sprint and is driving an upgrade cycle for many users. On the other hand many AT&T users are waiting for AT&T to get off their lazy… and release the flagship Bold 9900. I can tell you I know the floodgates are opening at many enterprises who have opened the door to BlackBerry Bold 9930 sales on Verizon and Sprint due to pent up demand. My guess is the same will be true at AT&T and T-Mobile once they release the 9900.

Either way isn’t it nice to no longer hear every day from analysts how RIM is doomed? Its interesting how all of these BlackBerry 7 device deliveries have suddenly shut them up…

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  1. Mike Abramsky is one of the better analysts, but I still question the approach of using the number of sold out stores in order to determine demand. This is something that is impacted just as much by supply, and something that could be easily gamed if Sprint or RIM wanted to.

  2. I wonder when we’ll start getting actual sales figures and not just guesstimates? Not saying I really expected any right now since the devices just came out….just wondering when we will get some hard numbers.

  3. again… its like they are 3-4 months behind what we say here…. everything has played out like we all talk about here….

  4. Indeed, they have shut up the last two weeks! Not a peep!!! Some bloggers who’ve been in the dark the last few weeks still post doom & gloom messages, but they’re out of touch because they’re chasing Android or iOS.

    RIM will have monthly sales figures, so we may see some of those at the end of the period. RIM will also post quarterly sales figures. I imagine that RIM will have their best quarter ever!

    I’m excited to pick up my 9860 soon! Can’t wait.

    • It is too late in the quarter with too many carriers still taking another week or two to release for RIM to be able to post record breaking type quarterly results. Instead this bump will be spread out a bit more through this quarter and the next one (not that there is anything wrong with that).

  5. Like I said before RIM never had a problem selling blackberries, its those analyst and ibloggers that make it look bad.

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