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3rd Party Apps Work Over Bridge After OS Update

This was not announced by RIM with the recent OS update but 3rd party apps including Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook work now when you have it connected via bridge. This means you don’t have to have Wi-Fi connection to use your PlayBook. I tested this as soon as Poky from BlackBerry India told me about it. Facebook, and Blaq worked as soon as I opened the apps. I know it works because I am nowhere near a Wi-Fi connection. The regular browser also works. Not sure if RIM did not mention this because they did not want to make the carriers mad or it is a glitch. I think this is really awesome the fact that it works and I hope they do not do away with it.

Let us know if yours also works over Bridge?

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  1. Just makes me ache more for one :/

  2. Awesome! Can’t wait to try it!

  3. Huh, it does indeed work! On one hand that’s cool … on the other, that could result in some unexpected usage of your BB’s data plan (granted it would take something freaky to really make a dent in my plan).

  4. Works here too. Oklahoma

  5. yay! they do work. i tried #blaq, facebook, even the weather app works. but app world does though.

  6. wont work on at&t with the blocked bridge browser… unless you have a tethering plan.

  7. Good to know Luis! Many of my apps are now working just using the Bridge. (Blaq, Weather, BlackOut, Browser, Facebook, BlueBox, Gmail and Twitter shortcuts, etc.) Now I hope that RIM mantain the great things comming!

  8. This is an awesome feature! I really hope it doesn’t get disabled in a future update.

  9. Looks like the browser’s pulling up fine too. Is it tethering without asking permission, or what?

    • It is similar to tethering, but it is not. You are not creating a wifi hotspot out of your blackberry.

      All bridge traffic goes through RIM’s NOC. So when you use the Playbook’s regular browser, you are getting data through NOC (not through the carrier’s infrastructure) — which means slower speed and higher latency.

      However, because it is encrypted NOC traffic — the carriers have no way to differentiate what kind of data you are downloading. The carriers can’t differentiate a 20 MB youtube video from a 20 MB email attachment.

      So the only way AT&T can disable this — is by forcing RIM to release a crippled version of Bridge for AT&T users and the “uncrippled” function turned back on if you pay AT&T extra money. However AT&T subscribers can obtain the uncrippled generic version of Bridge from various websites. Once you have the uncrippled generic version, AT&T can’t do a single thing.

  10. Painfully slow…

  11. OMG this is the best thing ever I am so happy. I really hope it doesn’t get taken down!

  12. Diego Nei said it best….oh so wanna try this out! lol

  13. This is so cool. Nice find.

  14. This should solve the kindle cloud reader problem, I’m hoping. Although to be honest I’m still sticking with Kobo. When Amazon comes out with a dedicated real PB app or HTML5 solution I may switch, but for those kindle fans, this should help.

  15. THIS IS GREAT!!!!! I think carriers know about this though because before the recent bridge update I downloaded the AT&T approved bridge app and all the features work. Then when I download the most recent update to the bridge app (along with updating my PB), the app doesnt even appear on my phone althought it is listed as installed (on AppWorld and in Option Application Management). I believe AT&T is now just blocking the enitre app because of this new feature on the playbook (luckily I got a OTA link)

  16. that is a really sweet feature. well done rim

  17. GeeReader also works.

    This is most excellent – it seems like they’ve made this transparent, so that when an app tries to get a network connection, behind the scenes it just gets whatever is available without the app knowing the difference.

    I wonder if this works only for HTTP connections, or all TCP sockets?

  18. I am sure the reason they didn’t mention this, is because they didn’t want to point out the implications to the carriers. Also AppWorld does not work like this which would not be the case if this was just a mistake. RIM knew what they were doing with this update, even if they are keeping quiet.

  19. I’ve been avoiding grabbing the OTA Bridge because it wouldn’t allow apps to work and on the off chance AT&T could tell. I think I might just have to go grab it now.

  20. This is a great change. I doubt that they were hiding it from carriers, I think carriers were just trying to make a little extra money.

  21. While I can understand why many of you love this feature, for me it is actually an annoyance. This is why:
    There are some password protected websites I need to use that do not work over BB bridge. In the past, when connected to WiFi I could access these sites with the regular browser while bridge was connected and everything worked fine. Now, when I am “bridged” and open the regular browser I am not longer able to access these password protected sites… instead I must cut my bridge connection first and then they work… very annoying.

    Actually, I wonder if someone can explain why certain password protected sites don’t work with bridge browser, when they DO work from my BB curve phone.

  22. This is a great news. Hope that it works in Italy, too

  23. I don’t understand. My third party apps don’t work over bridge 🙁

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