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The BlackBerry Bold 9900 Internet Speedtest!

9900 SpeedtestI know there are reviews all over the internet but perhaps this might be something new. I borrowed my friend’s phone for an hour to play and… I’m shell shocked. On my 9780, using the SAME sim card and at the SAME location, I’m only able to achieve about 200kbps. But look at the 9900!

The first tests I ran was loading of the BerryReview website. (I was trying to find the desktop mode to no avail..)

After which, I ran the mobile speed test via

In the end, for the largest file available (7mb) the speed was the astonishing 7789kbps.

The Result

In order of the file size being tested here are the results (taken via the playbook):

And now, VS the 9780 (taken via the Blackberry 9900):

Rest assured, I have more retro videos for a shootout coming your way this weekend 😀

Coming your way

Look out for this devices itching to fight it out with the 9900!

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  1. Hmmm…that is strange. I get around 7000 kbps from my Torch 9800 on AT&T. I think the moblie speed test might be flawed as it seems to download the 7mb file almost instantly.

  2. Here is the problem with the testing: The BlackBerry Network Operations Center is used in 2G/3G/4G to reduce the data sent to the device when a request for data is made. When you go to a web site, it compresses data and sends it to the device. When connected to WiFi, the data does not go through the NOC. 100% of the data arrives at the device.

    The only fair test is web browsing page loads, email with attachments and social networking feeds, all of which are compressed from 50% to as much as 90% (compared to iPhone email with attachments.)

    Speed tests do not accurately measure the speed of BlackBerry browsing. Timed page loads do.

    Under BlackBerry 7, page loads can be performed faster than the competition, due to data compression, a virtual proxy server and faster processing of javascript on the device.

  3. Hey guys. Ur right. They had a disclaimer that blackberry browser may not reflect the speed accurately.. But heck! That’s our usual surfing speed nonetheless! 😀

  4. Crazy so is the os7 broswer really 10x faster than os6

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