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Australian Retailer Harvey Norman Highlights Fantastic PlayBook Sales


Jay pointed out this article on Twitter and it looks like the story is being picked up in the wake of all of the bad news surrounding the WebOS demise. Ben McIntosh, the head of Harvey Norman’s Computers buying team, told the Australian Current that the BlackBerry PlayBook has been selling very well since its launch. According to McIntosh “Sales of the PlayBook are very, very good,” and “BlackBerry has probably come from a different direction. The PlayBook was always going to be more of a niche product based on the fact that they’re really targeting the BlackBerry smartphone base that’s in Australia and the world.”

McIntosh goes further to say that “The sales of the PlayBook have been fantastic, we’ve re-ordered multiple times and it’s exceeded our expectations.” Pretty strong words from down under!

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  1. RIMM should buy Web OS.

  2. What’s the purpose in buying something with problems qnx is 1000 times better than webos

    • True, but the Touch pad/Web OS platforms died because HP didn’t promote the products right and provided poor hardware to operate Web OS. By purchasing Web OS RIMM can refine QNX on their upcoming superphones with Web OS synching and bring along all the Web OS customers with it.

  3. What do mean in refining QNX? Webos never had the environment to refine itself. Qnx never had problems that webos had, only problem qnx had was there email application. If you actually think linux can refine qnx you need to do your research again.

  4. you can’t blame everything on HP, palm wasn’t making the exteq move to stay in the game and yes, RIM made that strive. The touchpad was DOA they giving it away now. And giving it away to us linux workers its trash. Of course palm users see going to come to blackberry its the closest thing to the design form of a palm phone

  5. This is great news for RIM, I tend to cheer for the underdog and never gave into all of the bashing towards them over the past few months. RIM has a long history of good products and catering to the business world. The PlayBook isn’t a total flop like people claim and it’s quite possible we will still one day see the PlayBook 2, guess time will tell.

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