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Workaround for BlackBerry Bold 9900 & 9930 Back Button App Switcher Bug


Since I started using my Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930 heavily I have run into an annoying bug 3-5 times a day. What happens is all of a sudden my 9930’s back button decides to no longer work as intended. Instead it opens up the multitasking app switcher you would normally get when holding down the BlackBerry "Menu" key for a few seconds. When this first started happening I thought it was only my phone and the only solution I could find was rebooting the phone. When this continued to happen I reached out to a few contacts I knew had Rogers 9900s and Verizon 9930s and asked if they were experiencing something similar. It turns out I was not alone…

I have multiple confirmations from Verizon users who are running into the bug with the official OS though it seems to be fixed in the unofficial leak of OS I also have confirmation from Rogers 9900 users that OS had the bug but the leak of OS fixed it. At this point I reached out to contacts at RIM and have been trying to help RIM’s software engineers pin down the problem since they have not been able to replicate it on their devices. I will continue to work with them to help fix it but until then I wanted to share a quick workaround for this issue that does not require a reboot.

To fix this "back button bug" on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 or 9930 all you need to do is hit the "Lock/Standby" key on the top of the 9900 or 9930. If you hit it twice to lock and unlock the screen you will get your normal back button functionality. Hopefully RIM will be able to fix this ASAP because it would be a real shame for such an annoying bug to be in the OS shipping with RIM’s awesome flagship BlackBerry Bold 9900 & 9930.

Let us know if you are having this issue and if this workaround fixes it! I will keep you up to date on what I hear from RIM.

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  1. Sweet, thanks for the confirm on the leaks fixing this issue and for the workaround!

  2. Ive been having this same issue with my 9550 for months now… never thought it was a OS issue.
    the lock button trick doesnt work for me but putting it into the holster for a few secs then pulling it out would usually do the trick.

  3. I haven’t run into this issue using 9930/ But thanks for the info! What’s everybody’s thoughts on the new leak? Is it worth loading up? Thanks!

  4. I thought I was losing it until I read someone else had the same issue about two days ago. It’s been extremely annoying, as I know what apps close using the back key and what apps just minimize. Plus it’s like getting stuck between a rock and a hard place when it happens. Thanks for the quick fix and I’ll wait impatiently for the update. Hoping that update also brings back my UMA (@#$!) and helps my ailing battery life.

  5. been running the leak since day 1 guess thats why i have never seen tjis

  6. Very impressive catch. The back button was a little flaky on my 9900(the GSM version). I thought it was the issue with the specific app I was using (browser in my case). Its been very reliable since I tried your workaround.

  7. I haven’t run into this yet on the stock OS, and was looking to install the .340 leaked OS this weekend (unless a newer one hits by then).

    Anything bad in the latest build?

  8. Have this problem too on a 9900.. been driving me crazy. I have been rebooting it to get around it.

  9. 9930 From Verizon same problem. Thanks for the work around

  10. so all this `oh we need to QA them` from carriers was obviously BS then? because thats a big bug to affect people. luckily here in the UK we had devices roll with .296 which doesnt have this issue 🙂

  11. OMG I thought I was going nuts! Thanks for the tip.

  12. Hitting the alt button also works.

  13. I Have the Same Problem and I’m running 9930/

  14. I have the same problem with the 9900 and I’ve had it for one week. I love the phone but this bug is very annoying…the quick fix works. will wait for official release…

  15. Mine started yesterday and the lock button doesn’t work. Pulling the battery works, but shortly after it does it again. Very annoying and am thinking of returning it and hooking up my old bold. Not worth $249 headache.

  16. i have the sure fire fix for this….highlight the “ALL” bar…click the Blackberry Button to the left of the trackpad…click on MANAGE PANELS…take the check out of FREQUENT…this puts a band aid on the situation until RIM releases a fix…you will lose the FREQUENT PANEL, but it fixes the problem…I did it last night and have not had it happen again…hope this helps

  17. thanks this worked. very annoying!

  18. I also have that problem with my new 9900.

  19. Ive got the same problem! a week ago i bought a 9900 and got this problem with it. It’s very annoying! my boyfriend bought one at the same time and place, but he doesnt have a problem with it.. Im from Holland, so the devices here have it to.. Indeed a shame. I’ll try hitting it twice next time when it occures!

  20. This same problem is happening to me! I’ve got a 9900 with version The lock/unlock button trick worked for me! Thank you so much, hope they fix this soon

  21. Just got my new bold and almost immediately started having the problem. thanks for the work around. but it seems that this late into the release cycle they would have fixed this simple bug…
    this stuff does not help RIM. they are losing market share and quality control is suffering..
    Not good.

  22. I had this problem, but i discovered that it was caused by a game that i didnt close properly! So maybe some of you are helped by knowing this!

  23. Thanks a million!!!! I been having this problem for days and I was tried of pulling my battery.

  24. I have had this problem since I recently received my new company BB which I use daily. This workaround fixed it, but I was frustrated senseless for days before I finally turned to the internet. Should have stopped at this forum first. Thanks!

  25. Same p[roblem here. Still not fixed. Talked the boss into this phone. Not the techiest guys but loves BB. This is seriously upsetting him. And making me look bad for telling him how great this thing is. Please fix this soon RIM! please please please.
    BB9930 VZW

  26. This has been happening on my 9930. It is very annoying and I got tired of pulling the battery. The workaround is great but RIM should have fixed this by now.

  27. If you hit the phone hang-up button it works as well. Hit it all the way back like you would the back arrow. Works everytime. Love the phone so I hope they get this fixed and soon!!!

  28. Works great, I was ready to return the phone.

  29. It happen to me on 9850 ( – B1346 Sprint) freeze all the time, especially after idle. Very annoying, sometimes it still happen even after I pull out the battery.

  30. Thanks, much appreciated. That was driving me nuts.


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