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What’s with the Kiddish BlackBerry 7 Icons RIM?

It’s been a couple of days now since I got my BlackBerry 9900 and it’s truly every die hard BlackBerry fan’s dream phone. While I could go on about all the vast improvement I have seen considering I was still rocking my old Bold, I will opt to sum up the entire improvements with two words, NO LAG!  RIM has kept its word on improving the overall performance of these new BlackBerry smartphones and customers will show their appreciation by buying these new phones. But one thing seems to be bugging me about my new BlackBerry 9900.

What’s with the kiddish icons? Okay, so maybe kiddish isn’t the proper term or perhaps it sound rather harsh but you can choose to replace the word with what ever word works for you. My point is that these icon just feels too unpolished and cartoonish. While icons like BBM and the music icons look sharper the vast majority of the icons on OS 7 just seems unpolished and unified.

I thought perhaps it was just simply me that thought this way but a couple of my friends have made similar comments. Some even go as far as to say the icons on OS 5 seem more polished. Similar comments are also being made about the new icons on App World 3.0 and the overall UI. It just feels too unpolished at this point of the game and rather silly.

Now saying all that, I know icons are not a make or break thing when it comes to purchasing a phone, but it does add to the overall customer satisfaction with the product. Small crucial details like these are ultimately what will make RIM standout as it eventually matches its other competitors in terms of specs and overall performance. The BlackBerry experience needs unified UI experience to increase the customer satisfaction and having kiddish or cartoonish icons doesn’t help.

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  1. God must every blackberry owner be a huge crybaby. The icons are fine and are better than Apple or Android. If you don’t like get a theme.

    Jeez what a waste of space. Remember we come on here to get away from the constant complaining on Crackberry.

    I haven’t seen you post before but if it’s your first then let me tell you it’s a fail! We don’t need this crap on Berry Review.

  2. I have to agree.

    And why introduce a new icon set in BlackBerry Theme 7.0 (sorry, I meant OS 6.1 aka 7.0) and then use a completely different theme in AppWorld 3.0?

    • app world is in beta… dont complain here… send your feedback to rim…. thats why they have beta world….

  3. Huh?? You’re kidding right? you’re complaining about the icons?

    Sheesh. Get a life.

    And I agree with kiddo — please take this silliness back to

  4. Based on sales of themes with OS7 icons, I would have to disagree with the poster.

  5. Android and Apple have colorful commercially-loved icons. BlackBerry is also trying to focus on the commercial aspect, as well as the business side.

  6. I think Blackberry should ship with 4-5 different themes of icons. We all are different and to some these icons may seem kiddish and to some these may look cool. also some may want it to be more girlish and some more manly. So good to provide 4-5 default options rather than user having to rely on paid themes.

  7. Y’all need to get over yourselves. Opinions are not facts. Relax.

    • you get over yourself… lol .. no but really…..

      I love people expressing opinions.. but.. frankly this is a post that should be in the forums.. not a full blown post for everyone including the casual viewer to read….

      I am clearly someone who takes his Blackberries way to seriously lol… I frequent forums and am generally on the pulse of all things Blackberry… I have NEVER heard 1 person complain about icons…

      Given that this is clearly a very isolated gripe by the poster.. it shouldn’t make it to this level…

      It only hurts the Blackberry image… which I am against… and IMO Berryreview has a reputation of being against…

  8. The black and white POLISHED icons never matched any other icon installed, from weather to maps and messengers, browsers…you name it.
    I think this has a better appeal, in fact I’m using OS 7 icons as we speak right now on my OS 5.

  9. “I thought perhaps it was just simply me…” Regarding the OS 7 icons: yeah, it’s just you. Regarding the App World icons: no, it’s not just you.

  10. Yea, App World 3.0 is a bad joke. I wrote RIM and told them to go back to drawing board with that s—. Looks like the interface of my old Gamecom.

  11. I’ve been using OS7 icons on my BB 9780 with OS6 for a while now (updated theme). I love ’em!

    Of course, you are entitled to your own opinion… but, this post certainly falls short of the caliber of most on BerryReview.

  12. I agree with post BB 7 icons are not consistent and Ugly in my opinion, and the APP world V3 is confusing and distracts me every time I open it.

  13. I agree that the icons are just fine.
    Wow, we know we have come a long way when what we’re complaining about is the icons lol.
    Almost makes me feel good about the job RIM is doing now ahahahahahahahahah

    • Good point! If that’s all there is to complain about, I’d say RIM has done a GREAT job with BB 🙂

      But that doesn’t make celticboi any less of a dork.

    • Haha yes if icons are my biggest complain then RIM is doing well. I should have known saying kiddish would drive fans crazy as that’s the furthest thing from what a BlackBerry is. The new app world update has improved the experience and I think they are taking all the feedback from users as they progress. My article was trying to get at how a small detail can sometimes make a huge difference in the eyes of customers. The app world experience is far better on a touch screen device and I am loving it on my Bold.

  14. I have to be honest I didn’t like the “line art” style icons from OS5, so for me, I’m extremely happy RIM has gone back to more standard looking icons….really I can’t feel your pain on this one dude.

  15. Times must be really getting hard on for a front page post like this.

  16. I disagree with OP. The icons are beautiful, colourful and vivid–bringing life to the ‘liquid graphics’ RIM is so valiantly braving. It was a pleasant surprise for me when I first ran my 9900.

    There’s nothing kiddish or cartoonish about it to me, I approve of RIM’s call here.

  17. I don’t think this is kiddy or whatsoever? In fact i think it’s much better than the non coloured version icons in os 5 and os 6. Have been using themes using os 7, so this is nothing new to me

  18. OS7 icons are just wonderfull IMHO.
    I really like them and I think they are more modern than old no-color OS icons

  19. I can agree some do not look as nice as previous icons, but I don’t plan on keeping RIM’s theme forever. Plus once you add a custom theme those icons never match the rest of your icons anyways.

    I just want the theme builder app to get released.

  20. I can agree some do not look as nice as previous icons, but I don’t plan on keeping RIM’s theme forever. Plus once you add a custom theme those icons never match the rest of your icons anyways.

    I just want the theme builder app to get released.

  21. I like the Blackberry icons are fine. What I’d like to see to see is icons that display information (like the weather icons) without having to click on them. Examples: facebook/twitter updates, calendar/tasks icons showing the 5 upcoming appointments/tasks, a message icon that shows last 5 messages etc. If the icon is in a folder then just by highlighting the folder you would be able to see this info.

  22. They look fine to me. Definitely an improvement over OS 6. The PS3 has been released 4 years ago, the world has moved on.

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