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The QNX BlackBerry Colt Plot Thickens With More Rumors

QNX Superphone Colt

We first heard rumors about a QNX BlackBerry Colt super-phone not to long ago. The rumor then was that current dev versions are running a single core 1.2Ghz processor that everybody seems hung up on. It also would not be supported on BES at launch and will instead use ActiveSync and pack a 4.3" screen. The main catch was that this device was coming in Q1 of 2012. Now the Dutch website (via Engadget) claims to have heard from sources that the QNX based BlackBerry Colt may even come by the end of the year or Q4 2011 according to their trusted industry sources. It supposedly will also have a resolution of 900px+ or so whatever that means and run the same 1.2Ghz Qualcomm snapdragon processor as the 9900. They also created the mockup you see above.

So anybody want to start throwing more fuel into the rumor mill? Let us know if you spot anything else!

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  1. Thats my vision of the first QNX slate phone.

    Very Playbook like!!!

  2. While I would welcome any QNX phone at any point in time… I do feel it would offer much ill will to anyone getting an OS 7 phone now; however, it will be interesting to see more of the internal specs.. if the processor is the same… it is feasible that the current batch of OS 7 phones would be able to upgrade no?

    Should be interesting to see how this develops..

    • You gotta kinda look at it this way. Likely OS7 purchases are one of two crowds.
      1) Early adopters that probably don’t keep their devices past 6 months or so anyways. They will just resell and rebuy.
      2) Upgraders that keep their device until the next upgrade is available, regardless of what releases. On a 2 year contract, any device will end up being ancient.

      Either way I don’t think it’s possible for them to be that burned. The device would be ~5-6 months out at the earliest if the rumor panned out, which seems rather unlikely.

    • Hey BBA if the rumours are true then it would fall in line with Rim always eventually making previous phone releases compatible.

      This may be the really stripped down QNX phone until they can fine tune or get a solid supply chain set up for dual core parts etc for the “LTE” QNX phone.

      If LTE is another 18 months away (I’m sure the carrier partners may be more forthcoming with Rim tech then us peons) then Rim may have some time to launch the early QNX phone and then fine tune for LTE.

      Look at how they launched from pager to smartphone. They were launching new phones every 6 months as the evolved their platform.

      Interesting… maybe I’ll wait a little longer to decide upon my phone. 🙂

  3. still getting a 9900 but would love to rock this device. Id like it to have bezel gestures though but that might interfere with screen sizing.

  4. I am expecting what would pretty much be a 4 inch LTE playbook. I am also expecting it closer to June.

  5. June is too late…

    The phone is ahead of schedule…

    Bailing on the dual core moved them ahead of schedule

  6. I’m looking forward to getting my grubby hands on the Torch 9810 when it comes out on AT&T next week. My expectation is that RIM will release patches for this device. However, I don’t expect an upgrade to QNX. Even if they do decide to offer such an upgrade the end result may not be that great. I purchased the Bold 9650 expecting it to be updated with OS 6 eventually. When the upgrade finally came out, the experience wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. While I like OS 6 better than OS 5 on the Bold 9650, it’s clear that this device wasn’t really designed for OS 6. The OS 6 experience is much better on a device like the Torch that has a touch screen.

    As far as this new QNX phone is concerned, I’m going to hold off on the first generation. I expect it to take RIM awhile to get things squared away with their QNX phones.

    My advice to anybody who loves Blackberry devices but is on the fence about going for the upgrade to an OS 7 device or waiting for a new QNX device is to go ahead and jump in! The new OS 7 devices look like the best RIM has ever produced (especially the new Bold).

    • I’m with you, I’m also getting the Torch next week AND I’m waiting till they get all the bugs and kinks out of QNX phones. Lesson learned: First generation phones are never the best, nice but never the best.
      OS 7 is now, the creme de la creme that RIM can offer so far.
      Also, if those rumors are true about the phone being 4.3″ and similar to that mock up, then it’s nothing other than a miniature…PlayBook :-O

  7. I wonder if QNX bes will be a separate server install

  8. RIM is about to blow the Industry mind with qnx this about to be funny.

  9. QNX has lots of potential and RIM seems to be moving in the right direction from what I’ve seen of OS7. Provided they can deliver what QNX makes possible, this should make Blackberry a competitive phone again.

  10. If the rumors are true with the first QNX phone coming out Q4 2011 there haven’t done much improve where specs is concern.

    • no no no no no.. crackm!!! don’t fall for the hype.

      The concept of needing a dual core is STILL overated.

      Quad core discussion is absolutely silly.

      I can have 20 apps open on my OS 7 Java based 9900 with NO LAG.

      I can do 50 thousand things on it with NO LAG

      QNX will run better than java.

      Thus… why do you NEED a dual core.

      Sure it looks great on paper.. but what do you get from it? That is the question.

      There are single core android phones out there that run better than the dual core….

      The battery life of the 9900/9850 has already been sliced and diced by a 1.2 ghz single core… putting a dual core in their only brings it down more.

      What will you be more concerned about? Losing a 5-10% increase in speed with a single core over a dual core or losing 25% of the battery life that the 9900/9850 has????

      Boom…. battery life.. dual cores are not up to RIM standard for battery consumption. Its a simple as that.

      It would be a massive disaster if the first QNX device blew threw its battery on moderate usage in 12-14 hours…. it would be skewered by everyone.

  11. specs are good to me but that’s a rumor on specs anyway. If its true I wouldn’t care, only reason I say that is because, RIM always make sure a processor is right for your blackberry. They aint like android throwing these big processors in they phones without testing. Plus RIM don’t have fragmentation.

  12. Honestly its rumors like this that make me a bit uneasy about buying a Blackberry OS7 device now.

    On the good side if this news is true that the QNX device will use the same CPU as the one in the Bold 9900 then it stands to reason there is at least a decent chance RIM might put out a QNX upgrade firmware for the Bold 9900 (yeah the 9900 is the only BB I have eyes for lol).

  13. With all that power in OS7 phones, they should upgrade it to qnx, if not then its nothing to go get a qnx phone which a lot of people will do anyway.

  14. This falls in line with the schedule that was shown before. Like the mockup photo and I hope it looks similar to this. I think that it will have less glitches than people believe given the Playbook testing ground.

    • Hopefully. they put more curve into the QNX phone design than the picture; it looks too Android brick like style and include 2 convienance keys, with the media keys on top.

      • As long as it’s not as fugly as the 9900 😀

        • You joke right?

          • Nope… Hated the design of the 9000 and this one looks barely any better. It doesn’t look aggressive enough. It just looks dull.

            • WOW

            • Seriously the phone doesn’t look aggressive??

              How does a phone “look aggressive”??? It’s a d*mn phone… Do you think the iPhone or the Droid looks aggressive? Phones aren’t cars. You can make a Jeep aggressive looking but not a phone.

              Sleek or thin I can understand…

              • Aggressive vs boring lines. Phones are just like cars, we’re talking an outer shell. Some people like Porshes and I find them hideous.
                I like what they did with the 97xx series.
                The ‘industrial’ design of the iPhone 4 is good too.

                • Meh on the iPhone 4. It’s slimmer then iPhone 3 and it’s got the metal band around the sides. Still a glass slab phone. You might be able to compare that design to the 9650/9860 since those would be glass phones.

                  I think design/art is always subjective. I also happened to love Porsches having owned a 911 in my younger pre-kids days!! LOL…

                • “I think design/art is always subjective”
                  Exactly 🙂 I prefer the Aventador

            • Oh and I forgot to add the 9900 has a keyboard, most keyboard phones retain similar shapes, unless you go with those fugly side slide out keyboards like on the sidekick or something… now that’s an ugly phone.

              Or for that matter the HTC status is one ugly phone…

              9000 or 9900 not ugly compare to those phones.

  15. The playbook wasn’t as bad the way everybody say it was.

  16. I can’t wait for the QNX BB. I am holding on my 9800 until this QNX phone.

  17. I cant wait to get a qnx blackberry. I can see myself in the store now smiling hard.

  18. The ‘Core’ could be a niche product, a mini-tablet like the ones released by Nokia, but without Flash and a DLNA client, it wouldn’t be an amazing 2nd device to carry around. There are and there will be better alternatives out there.

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