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IM+ for PlayBook Stuck in App World Approval Limbo for 3+ Months

IMPlus under review

This is really starting to get a bit ridiculous. We have told you in the past that Shape Services IM+ has been waiting for approval in App World since June 2nd of this year. The last time we mentioned it the app had been waiting for approval for 2+ months and RIM finally responded that it would be approved within 5-10 business days. That was 15 days ago. I get that RIM might be a bit busy with all of the BlackBerry 7 device launches but this is getting ridiculous. It has been well over 3+ months since the app was submitted to App World and VP level execs at RIM have been involved.

This is truly a shame since RIM is going to such lengths to encourage BlackBerry development and entice more developers to create BlackBerry apps. Shape is one of the most well known BlackBerry developers since 2003 and they are waiting months for their app to be approved. Its not even like the app competes with a RIM native app or does not perform a useful function. It is a multi platform chat client for the PlayBook. In other words an app that would probably easily become one of the best selling apps on the PlayBook.

I pinged some of my contacts at RIM about the issue and hopefully this time they will finally get it approved. Still from what we have heard from Shape this has already been taken pretty high up at RIM. Maybe RIM is going for a record of "Longest time we can make a developer wait for their app to be approved" for the 2011 BlackBerry Developer Challenge…

Thanks Del for pointing out the update from Shape’s Maria Dyatlova

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  1. My pleasure, Luis! Sorry I sent the message 4 times. Might want to update the Contact Us form so it tells you when it has been sent.. 🙂

    Let’s hope RIM gets their act together. No telling how many good developers they are are scaring off with these types of stupid screw ups..

  2. RIM are busy releasing nonsense – completely useless and non-functional apps. AppWorld either needs new people – OR – they need to start working. So far – all they have done for the Playbook is a huge disaster

  3. Yeah it is a shame. Shame because RIM doesn’t need the bad publicity, to be shooting themselves in the foot, and because Shape is a quality developer. You just hope that this doesn’t cause them to leave the platform…as for RIM being busy, wow, they don’t have multiple departments? The OS7 department is the same department approving apps for QNX? Wow, maybe they shouldn’t have had that recent layoffs. And finally, if its gone to pretty high levels at RIM, Maria might want to go higher, like EXECUTIVE levels. RIM has enough bad publicity to be concerned about…might want to help one of your own first.

    • Probably should stop putting time frames on announcements too, considering the native PIM apps is now going on what?…well, feel like 120 days and they didn’t quite make the “15 day” time frame for IM+

  4. It’s hard to even know what to say….I mean why would RIM want to drag their feet in getting an app that many people consider a staple approved for the Playbook?

    Just don’t understand…

  5. Maybe the app can be side loaded as other ones

  6. I would be so upset if I had put a few months effort into building an app that everybody wants on the PlayBook, only to be sitting here, losing my window of opportunity…

  7. My guess is thee are some internal politics at play because of RIM’s own message networks interests.

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