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BlackBerry OS 7 Bakes "Add To Existing Contact" Feature into OS

BlackBerry 7 Add To Existing Contact2 BlackBerry 7 Add To Existing Contact1

One of the things I have always wanted RIM to add to the BlackBerry OS has finally been added! Until now you needed to install a third party app if you wanted to easily add an email address or phone number to an existing contact. Well fret no longer. One of our readers pointed out to us that their Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9900 has the ability to add information to an existing contact right in the OS. We confirmed this on a couple of other Rogers 9900s including one of our writers but do not have confirmation from other carrier devices yet so let us know.

Either way I am loving how RIM is taking some time to refine the core BlackBerry OS experience in OS 7. To add information to an existing contact you can hover over the contacts email address in the messages application or hover over the phone number in the phone app and hit the menu button and select "Add to Contacts." You will then get a popup asking you if you want to create a new contact or add it to an existing contact. I did not have the Rogers 9900 in front of me to field test it myself but so far it seems to be working!

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  1. this is one of my favorite features hands down! I dont know what took them so long!

  2. Damn! RIM really need to do something about OS6 users and add this kinda features, even the mobile hotspot i dont see why it cant be added.

  3. It’s on Bell Mobility 9900 as well.

  4. Oh, what in the world happened for them to make this basic and efficient feature? I hope RIM keeps adding common and very convenient features such as this… 🙂

  5. I dunno, is this new? I’ve always been able to add contacts on my BB and then it syncs back to my Outlook… what’s the difference? I’ve been able to do this since the 9000… kinda puzzle?? I’ve been with Rogers so maybe it’s a Carrier activated thing?

    • Yes this is new. Add to EXISTING contact feature was not available earlier. You could add only to a new contact not to an existing contact.

      • Thanks for the clarification Sachin… I missed the keyword “existing”. Got it after playing around with my phone a bit. Hmmm… never really bothered me that much… there was always the copy and paste for it.

  6. Feature present on a Telus 9900. OS

  7. Glad to see this, but wow, really. This is a big new feature. Grrr. Come on RIM. At least you are finally giving us what is actually needed.

  8. RIMM should realize its the little things that matter the most. Here are the apps I believe should be added as standard issue on all Blackberries:

    1. Berry Buzz
    3. Leave it On
    4.Versa Tools
    5. Extra Keys
    6. Ability to customize hotkeys

    • You do realise this would piss off some of the few developers RIM still has, right?

      • Why?

      • I’m still trying to find out why this was an issue from previous OS versions??

        If I have a phone call come in I can save and add to contacts. Same with email. I can edit contacts on my phone and then when I sync it with my Outlook file it automatically shares the info…

        Is this if you have no Outlook? But even if you didn’t, your contacts on the phone should let you edit and add and delete. Mine has always done that from OS 6 onwards…

      • Less so if they paid the developers the licensing fees to use the apps added as standard issue. I don’t think the suggestion is to steal the apps or clone them. I would think it would be a developer’s dream to have an app that was so useful, and so well designed that RIM paid to have it installed out of the box.

        • What I meant to say is that I would expect that developers would not be as pissed off if licensing fees are paid for the apps installed as standard issue.

  9. Finally!

  10. I really hope that this feature gets added to the OS6 phones as well.

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